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darkwater 11-09-2012 12:53 PM

Gunbroker education campaign
Was looking on Gunbroker today and noticed a rifle that had been listed with "no sales to CA", and then the seller added a comment at a later date that said "After receiving a request and clarification of the law by CRPA, I will NOT exclude fellow gun owners in California from buying my rifle....If a person from Cali wants to buy, HAVE AT IT !!"

So, thanks CRPA for one of the first results that I've seen from the Gunbroker education campaign!

Now, if you could just get the seller to lower his/her's way too high...:D

CRPAGunner 11-11-2012 1:28 PM

Thanks very much for your supportive comments!

The example you provided is exactly why we came up with this partnership with GB. We receive positive comments on a daily basis, from CRPA members and gun owners in California as well as sellers and dealers outside California, about how helpful our education campaign has been..........

Unfortunately, I can't help you with the sellers reserve...... Good luck with that!

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