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Josh Jackson 11-09-2012 10:25 AM

LMS Defense 2013 schedule
Sacramento, Oroville and San Jose courses have been scheduled for 2013. We will be adding classes for Castro Valley, Yuba City and Redding in the next month as well.

San Jose
6Jan- Shotgun clinic
3Feb- Carbine Clinic
29-30March- Pistol 1
12April- Urban Defense
28-29June- Pistol 2
12July- Int. Pistol Clinic
1Sept- Int. Carbine Clinic
18Oct- Ladies Pistol Clinic
29Dec- Vehicle Defense

26-27Jan- Pistol 1
23Feb- Urban Defense
16March- Vehicle Defense
27April- Int. Pistol Clinic
18-19May- Carbine Clinic
20-21July- Carbine 2
24Aug- Bad Breath Pistol
14-15Sept- Pistol 2
7-8Dec- Carbine 1

16-17Feb- Home Defense
6April- CQB Clinic
22June- Force on Force Clinic
17-18Aug- Home Defense
26Oct- Low Light Clinic

please visit our website at for more information and to register.

Josh Jackson 12-31-2012 3:47 PM

There is still some space left in the upcoming Shotgun Clinic on 1/6/13 at Metcalf Range in San Jose.

We have also added the following classes to the schedule:

1/19 Ladies Pistol Clinic
3/23 Pistol Clinic
4/4 Intermediate Pistol Clinic

CHABOT GUN CLUB (Castro Valley):
3/11 Carbine Clinic with John Chapman

We hope to see you at the range soon. For further course description information as well as our full national schedule please go to our website at

As always if you have questions or are looking for a course that is not currently on the schedule feel free to contact me.

Josh Jackson 02-21-2013 8:34 PM

Following are schedule updates:
We’ve also scheduled Wilderness Skills classes as well as American Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses
Pease visit our website at for more information and to register.

Castro Valley, CHABOT GUN CLUB
11 March- Carbine Clinic
1 Nov- Urban Defense

San Jose, Metcalf Shooting Range
29-30 March- Pistol 1
12 April- Urban Defense
28-29 June- Pistol 2
12 July- Int. Pistol Clinic
1 Sept- Int. Carbine Clinic
18 Oct- Ladies Pistol Clinic
29 Dec- Vehicle Defense

Sacramento, Sacramento Valley Shooting Center
8 March- Ladies Pistol Clinic
16 March- Vehicle Defense
27 April- Int. Pistol Clinic
18-19 May- Carbine Clinic
20-21 July- Carbine 2
24 Aug- Bad Breath Pistol
14-15 Sept- Pistol 2
7-8 Dec- Carbine 1

6 April- CQB Clinic
22 June- Force on Force Clinic
17-18 Aug- Home Defense
26 Oct- Low Light Clinic

Yuba City
23 March- Pistol Clinic
4 April- Intermediate Pistol Clinic
21 Sept- Urban Defense
23 Nov- Pistol Clinic

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