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Dsdad 11-08-2012 6:51 PM

Red dot question
Purchased a bushnell trs 25 and got it zeroed in pretty tight, just wondering if it will hold its aim after dismounting it and remounting it again as it might not be EXACTLY where it was mounted when I got it zeroed in and if thats case should I just leave it on the rail. Thanks

PrimaryArms 11-08-2012 7:30 PM

Is it cowitnessed?
Why are u removing it?

Is it on a quick release mount?


strongpoint 11-08-2012 11:39 PM

it MIGHT return to zero, but i don't think that's something you should depend on. even the best QD mounts i've seen only promise return to CLOSE to zero -- if you're using something less than one of those, chances are anything goes.

PrimaryArms 11-09-2012 5:49 AM

Mine returns back 1-2 MOA off not a big deal for CQB


OpticsPlanet 11-09-2012 7:40 AM

If just using a weaver spec bas ethere is a chance that will will not have a perfect return. Just remember to place it in teh same slot and push it forward when tightening it down. Use a torque wrench as well on the same setting and you will have the best chance at a return. With a 3 MOA reticle you will probably wont notice much at all.

Trevor B.

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