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bluebear 11-04-2012 4:52 PM

Aimpoint Micro R1 new in box
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Brand new Aimpoint Micro R1. Never mounted. This is the exact same thing as the H1 but in silver. You can easily Krylon or Duracoat it any color you would like. $400 firm shipped to you. If I don't get this amount, I will keep it.

Located in Long Beach.

bluebear 11-05-2012 3:15 PM


bluebear 11-06-2012 4:05 PM


bluebear 11-07-2012 4:31 PM


bluebear 11-08-2012 4:12 PM


bluebear 11-09-2012 6:38 PM

Bump. Price drop.

Happyhappycamper 11-09-2012 6:43 PM

Dammit yer killin me, I am trying to resist this purchase...

skwurl047 11-09-2012 6:52 PM

Whats the dot size on those? 2moa?

bluebear 11-09-2012 6:59 PM


Happyhappycamper 11-10-2012 6:25 AM

Free Bump, somebody buy this before I end up divorced...

They look great and work even better than they look! 2 eyes open aiming and no more slightly off target misses because you didn't have the sights 100% perfectly aligned. If you can see the dot that is where the bullet is going.

bluebear 11-10-2012 9:52 AM

Silver would look good on that. :)

I almost put this on my S&W 500 but decided to stick with irons.

bluebear 11-11-2012 11:24 AM


bluebear 11-12-2012 1:04 PM


Happyhappycamper 11-13-2012 9:10 AM

Free Bump

bluebear 11-13-2012 3:35 PM

Price drop.

bluebear 11-14-2012 5:43 PM


bluebear 11-16-2012 11:05 PM


bluebear 11-17-2012 4:08 PM


bluebear 11-18-2012 7:19 PM


bluebear 11-19-2012 10:06 PM

Last bump before I decide to keep it.

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