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Agent Tikki 11-02-2012 11:32 AM

The real deal....
This review is long overdue..... but family came first. I'm the proud father of a little baby girl and its been real hectic trying to find time to bail on the wife for some self indulgent trigger time, but I FINALLY made it out.....

I bought 5 mini ISPC targets and a 12" gong, all 3/8" AR500. I just came back from blm land this weekend and all I can say is I'm friggin impressed.

We set up a 15 yard target for pistol practice. It was for .45, 9mm, .40 and 22lr. I angled it down at about 20 degrees and there isn't a mark on it. Even when we hit it with 12 gauge bird shot. The rebar holding up the target was not so lucky, but managed to take a few shots and keep on ticking.

DISCLAIMER, I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS! I took PMC Xtac 5.56 nato 55 gr fmj and unloaded 20+ rounds into it at 15 yards. No scratches or nicks on the surface. A couple other guys also followed suit with 55 gr fmj and 62 gr soft points. One guy reported catching spall on his chin. He got a little nick, so guys please be careful doing when using metal targets!

4 mini ispc targets when out at about 50 yards to 75 yards. Only one had tiny little marks from probably my friend's Steel core 7.62x39 AK rounds. The marks are tiny, and I put a stop it fast when I saw him shooting at them. Well what can you expect from steel core.

My 12" gong went out to about 200 yards and then again at about 75 yards. Not even a scratch. Mostly 5.56/.223 and i think a couple rounds of 308 win. Just needed a little touch up paint!

The edges on a couple of targets were chipped away but i guess that's to be expected where the metal is thinner.

For the most part, everyone was doing shooting drills with .223/5.56 nato with 55 gr fmj, a few guys where using Ruag 62gr soft points, and there were some 55gr wolf too. All in all, I am one satisfied customer and probably gonna buy me some more targets soon!

One thing tho, some of our makeshift plastic stands didn't last long. I'm gonna have to fabricate me some better stands, but these targets will probably last me a few dozen years...and then some. I also

Hope this helped you guys. These targets are no joke! I didn't charge my battery so I don't have many pictures, but I'll ask some of the other guys to send me their pics so I can load up some more pictures later.

TheTargetMan 11-02-2012 6:49 PM


Thanks for the kind words. First off, congrats on the new addition to the family! That is awesome!

You did not buy my "mini" IPSC. You bought the 1/2 scale (for the record, sorry) ;)

As far as the edge shots.... I don't care how your targets are cut. If you hit ANY steel target right on the very edge, you are going to lose a small little chip. Nothing that destroys a target or anything... just a little chip. It has NOTHING to do with the so-called "heat affected zone" (HAZ). Laser cut or water jet cut targets will perform exactly the same in this regard.

I never recommend steel ammo, but I have to admit I do shoot steel at my targets. Holds up fine. You do get the occasional pock mark, but these targets can handle thousands upon thousands of impacts. Just don't make shooting steel jackets a common practice and you will be good to go.

Thanks again! I like hearing what my customers have to say. Stay tuned as we will soon be doing another awesome group buy!


Agent Tikki 11-03-2012 8:30 AM

My or 1/2, I apologize. The targets are approximately half the width and height of a standard ipsc target. It doesn't change the fact that i still love making my targets sing.....

BTW ever give any thoughts to making the targets resonate at particular frequencies?

I'd die for a set of plates that will ring Wagner's Flight of the Valkeries..... :)

mjkeat 12-06-2012 12:48 PM

Great review AT. One thing I might suggest, since your are going to put together new stands, is to look into swingers. Allowing the targets to swings changes things drastically. Shots can be taken at much shorter distances. Do spend the extra on thicker chain and fasteners. People like to shoot chains in half for some reason. It's kind of funny, like there's some sort of subconscious thing going on.

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