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sar_man 10-31-2012 10:54 AM

Solano County Sheriff Gary R. Stanton retired today
Sheriff Stanton retired today after 40 years of service. It also concludes over 100 years of service by his family in law enforcement with the sheriff's office. Enjoy your retirement Sheriff Stanton.

TrailerparkTrash 11-01-2012 2:53 PM


Originally Posted by sar_man (Post 9627257)
Sheriff Stanton...


drewXD/G23 11-01-2012 4:59 PM

Thank you for your years of service chef!!!! Enjoy your retirement.....

drewXD/G23 11-01-2012 5:56 PM

Correction...... To first response..... Ment to say Sheriff

hitman13 11-01-2012 6:41 PM

Congrats Sheriff!!!

94bigtow 11-04-2012 7:28 PM

thank you for your many years of service from a citizen

pieeater 11-15-2012 9:58 AM


Originally Posted by TrailerparkTrash (Post 9635508)

Solono County Sheriff

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