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victor1echo 10-30-2012 5:01 AM

Scope 0-600 for about $600
I have an Rem 700 SPS 308 with a 20 inch barrel. I would like to shoot out to 600 yards. Would a fixed 10x work well? I kind of like magnification, but part of me would like to learn how to range find using a scope, and quality fixed scopes are less expensive. Lastly, I do not have many, or any opportunities to look thru scopes, except for what they sell in stores. Anyway, thanks for your input!

Also, when you shoot long distances, are there groups, or are you just hitting the target?

mkane 10-30-2012 5:26 AM

Take a look at the V Series Weavers. Variables up to 24x. They also have the T Series which are fixed power.

OpticsPlanet 10-30-2012 6:16 AM

A fixed 10x is a great choice for staring and learning how to use the Mil Dot reticle, and other ranging reticles, for their intended use. You will get the basics down and not break the bank.. Bushnell has a 10x40mm that would be the ideal choice for that purpose.

If you plan on doing a little more on the target side and want to dial in for more precise and accurtate shots, more magnification could be useful. Its best to step up into a nice quality optic for that. Great choice would be the Vortex PST series. The 4-16x is definitely enough magnification but they do have their 6-24x as well. Also nice if you plan to shoot further in the future. Ther reticle's are matched to the turret, MIL/MIL or MOA/MOA. A great feature when target shooting and ranging. Also have the option for a First focalplane model which allows you to range at any magnification. Pst has excellent glass and a solid construction and would be a great choice for your purpose as well:

Trevor B.

victor1echo 10-31-2012 3:31 AM

I really like the Vortex pst. It gets a little out of my price range, especially if I get the ffp, but I might be able to swing it. Buy once cry once, right. There is another scope out there for about $500, much like the 4x16 ffp -- I just can't remember who makes it? MAybey a MIllet?

victor1echo 10-31-2012 3:56 AM

The vortex scopes are back ordered at optics planet.

PrimaryArms 10-31-2012 6:10 AM

If your not trying to brake the bank and get most bang for the buck

This cost more but higher quality


victor1echo 11-07-2012 5:39 PM

Went with PA arms 4x14 ffp, and am LOVIN it! Too good of a deal.

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