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savannah 10-24-2012 1:04 PM

What did we do before YouTube?
After talking to Bonnie and reading on line, I discovered I had to take my new Beretta shotgun apart and clean her before we went to the trap club. After a few %#*# and &*}#% a bandaid and a YouTube, it is cleaned and re-lubed. The trigger assembly was easy, but the breech bolt slide and extractor gave me some issues. The YouTube had a different Beretta and you slid the extractor and breech bold slide in that gun without attaching the operating rod first. I got them stuck and couldn't get them out without the rod being attached. That is where the swear words started. Got that back together and then the metal on metal barrel tang got stuck sliding on and I could get it to slide in or off......second set of swear words. Finally with some lube and a little screwdriver slipped in a small hole for leverage, it slipped off. I also realized I didn't have the connecting rod seated correctly so another disassemble and reassemble. After it bit me sliding on the barrel (this is where the bandaid comes into play), it is done. I feel accomplished and a little sore.

Not bad for a girl who didn't know where a trigger was on a gun two months ago. :p

Bugguts 10-24-2012 1:11 PM

I learned to field strip my P239 from youtube. LOL But I also use it to share music videos from the 80's to explain to my son how NOTHING ever made sense but was considered entertainment. LMAO

5thgen4runner 10-24-2012 1:17 PM

savannah 10-24-2012 1:22 PM

Lord, I should have called you up and had you come over. Mai Tai's and 80's videos and we wouldn't have cared if I got the darned thing cleaned!

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