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AmbientR 10-22-2012 10:53 PM

Weatherby Orion Over/Under 12ga, Cowboy frame 6shooter Da/Sa 38spl
Weatherby Orion 12ga Over/Under Shotgun $850
Liberty Model 63 cowboy style Da/Sa revolver .38special $150

Location: SoCal / Los Angeles County / San Fernando Valley

Not willing to ship at this time.

Please PM me with any questions, or if you would like to see any larger or higher resolution photos of any of the




Make: Weatherby
Model: Orion
Caliber: 12 Guage
Price: $850
Other info: Nice blueing on metal, beautiful stock with high gloss finish. I hate to see this one go. The barrel length is 28 and I believe the chokes are Full, and Improved Cylinder.


Brand: Liberty Firearms Montrose CAL
Manufacturer: Rohm GMBH Sontheim BRZ Made in Germany
Model: 63
Caliber: 38 Special
Action: Double/Single
Shot: 6
Barrel Length: 6"
Finish: Blue
Frame: Alloy
Cylinder: Steel
Barrel: Steel
Grips: Plastic
Appearance: Average/Used, There is a scratch on the right side. Only cosmetic, The working parts have very little to no wear at all.

Price: $150

This is a nice cowboy style gun, but in Double Action / Single Action (Best of both worlds). It looks cool and is fun to shoot.


BUYERS, send questions or offers to Seller using Private Messages

AmbientR 10-23-2012 11:04 PM

bump. All PM's Answered.

Pro tip: Middle mouse click (click the scroll wheel) on the links to the pics to open them in new tabs. Makes it easier to open a bunch at a time so you're not constantly clicking back and forth... ;)

WhatupGod44 11-08-2012 5:32 PM

oh man if I sell my gun I might just have to pick up that .30 its a real beauty

AmbientR 11-10-2012 5:59 PM

BUMP for major price drops!

Bassmaster101 11-10-2012 6:57 PM

30 carbine
PM inbound

hiddenNdangerous 11-10-2012 7:50 PM

i'll take the .30 cal carbine

Bassmaster101 11-11-2012 12:12 PM

I will take it
Yes per our pm I will take the 30 carbine for 295.00 see you at oak tree sat the 17th

Mac Bolan 11-11-2012 12:51 PM

on the Weatherby, what is the barrel length, and the chokes ?

Bassmaster101 11-13-2012 7:19 PM

Not spf
[I] posted I would take then was told it was sold so i moved on found another sorry your buyer backed out good luck with sale

redvers 11-18-2012 7:49 PM

What's the status on the M1 carbine?

Rover 11-18-2012 8:27 PM

Interested in the Carbine, will be shooting at Oak Tree Wednesday night, and will happily meet you there with cash if it's still available.

AmbientR 11-18-2012 8:52 PM

all listed guns still available at this time. Please post an I'll take it followed with a PM to "claim" any of them,.

all must be transferred through an ffl via ppt.

EDIT: m1 carbine is SPF

Rover 11-19-2012 6:04 PM

Consider this an official "I'll take it" on the M1 Carbine.

AmbientR 11-25-2012 5:18 PM


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