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Gray Ops 1* 10-22-2012 4:54 PM

2013 Gray Ops - Class Schedule
Gray Ops has a unique firearms training philosophy that stands out among all firearms training companies. Our instructors are passionate about making sure every student achieves the required knowledge, skills, and ability to control their immediate surroundings with the use of a firearm. Our objective is for you to obtain or sharpen your already acquired “Skill at Arm’s” and other personal defense skills.

Our Combo Handgun Courses now meet Sacramento County's CCW Training Requirements!

With the high demand for our Fund/Inter HG & Fund/Trans Carbine classes we've added more classes for 2013 in the hopes to meet and fill your needs. We've also added a new Handgun Skill Builder Course to fill the gap between Intermediate & Advanced. We should have something to fit everyone's needs. If you don't see it ask and we can make it happen! Other training opportunities include Private Lessons, Semi-Private/Small Group Lessons, and if you have a Group of 5+ we can customize training to fit your requirements.

12 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
13 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)

February 2013
2 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
3 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)
16 - Defensive Shotgun (Closed)

March 2013
2 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
3 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)
16-17 Handgun Skill Builder (Closed) New for 2013!
23-24 Precision Rifle (Slots Remaining 6)

April 2013
6 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
7 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)
13 - Women's Only Handgun (Closed)
16 - Advanced Handgun Training, Richmond (Closed) <Added 3-5-13>
20-21 Carbine Skill Builder (Slots Remaining 4)

May 2013
4 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
5 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)

June 2013
1 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
2 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)
29-30 Advanced Carbine (Slots Remaining 3)

July 2013
6 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
7 - Intermediate Handgun (Slots Remaining 2)
13-14 Advanced Handgun (Slots Remaining 10)

August 2013
3 - Defensive Shotgun (Slots Remaining 2)
10 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
11 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)
24-25 Handgun Skill Builder (Slots Remaining 8) New for 2013!

September 2013
7 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
8 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)
15 - Women's Only Handgun (Closed)
21 - Fundamental Handgun (Slots Remaining 10) Added 8-8-2013
22 - Intermediate Handgun (Slots Remaining 10) Added 8-8-2013

October 2013
5 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)
6 - Transitional Carbine (Slots Remaining 1)
19-20 Carbine Skill Builder (Slots Remaining 12)

November 2013
2 - Fundamental Handgun (Closed)
3 - Intermediate Handgun (Closed)
9-10 First Aid in a Tactical Environment (Slots Remaining 8)
16-17 Advanced Carbine (Slots Remaining 11)
30 - Fundamental Carbine (Closed)

December 2013
1 - Transitional Carbine (Closed)

Our goal is for you to be competent, confident, and comfortable with the weapon of your choice. We have an outstanding success rate due to our willingness to spend the time necessary for you to achieve a level where you are safe and skilled. Gray Ops stresses a personal - but no nonsense – approach. Students learn not only the mechanics of firearm safety and use but the responsibilities gun ownership/use requires. We offer small classes, with a minimum of a 1 to 5 instructor/student ratio to provide the most of our experience. You will not get lost in a crowd.

For additional course details visit our web site
Class Schedule is subject to change without notice, additional classes will most likely be added as we nail down the dates.
Thanks for all the support in 2012 we at Gray Ops are here for our students when ever the need arises.
We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the classes in 2013!

Gray Ops 1* 11-07-2012 6:10 AM

Now accepting training applications for 2013. We've added additional Fundamental/Intermediate Handgun classes as well as Fundamental/Transitional Carbine classes to accommodate your needs and requirements for training.

The majority of our classes in 2012 were sold out. Advanced Planning is an excellent strategy...Don't miss out, plan for your future. It's all up to you!

‎"The true measure of an individual is not how they act in a time of Triumph, but rather how they act in a time of Tragedy..."

Gray Ops 1* 11-21-2012 7:07 AM

Happy Thanksgiving! Stay Safe everyone

Gray Ops 1* 11-23-2012 7:32 PM

Thanks to everyone who came out to SBR on Black Friday in support of Gray Ops. Looking forward to training with everyone next year.

Gray Ops 1* 11-30-2012 6:07 AM

:willy_nilly: Still looking for that perfect gift? :willy_nilly: One that says "I Love You!" :tt1:

What better gift than the gift of knowledge, superior skills, and confidence you can do it!

Why not give your loved one a Gray Ops Gift Certificate to a training class?

Call for more details (209) 479-3145 :Ivan:


Happy Holidays!

Gray Ops 1* 12-07-2012 3:56 PM

March 2-3 Handgun classes almost sold out

Gray Ops 1* 12-12-2012 7:06 AM

Our Fundamental Handgun Class for March just filled up.

We do have 1 seat left for either our Fundamental/Intermediate Combo Package or our Intermediate Handgun.

Gray Ops 1* 12-15-2012 6:37 AM

Our March Fundamental & Intermediate Handgun Courses are now full...Accepting registration for the May 4-5 classes now.

Happy Holidays!

Gray Ops 1* 12-25-2012 7:39 AM

Merry Christmas to all my family, friends, students, industry peers, fellow Americans, fellow gun owners around the world, brothers in arms, and everyone else who takes a moment to visit our page from time to time! Please acquire a moment to think of and pray for those in harm’s way protecting all of us and your freedom. Praise the Lord to everyone who's come home this year safe and sound.

God please protect those still out in harm’s way, doing hazardous work!

Gray Ops 1* 12-28-2012 8:55 AM

The May Fund/Int Handgun Classes have filled up.

Now accepting registration for our July 6th Fundamental Handgun & July 7th Intermediate Handgun Courses.

The Gray Ops Training Team would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Years!

Gray Ops 1* 12-31-2012 2:54 AM

April session of Women's Only Handgun has filled.

Now accepting reservations for the Sept 16th session.

Wishing everyone a Safe & Happy New Years! Stay Dangerous...

Gray Ops 1* 01-08-2013 7:26 AM

April session of both the Fundamental & Intermediate Carbine Courses is now full!

Still a couple of seats remaining in the June Session.

Gray Ops 1* 01-17-2013 9:44 AM

March Defensive Shotgun, registration closed - Class Full.

Gray Ops 1* 01-22-2013 2:45 PM

Our classes continue to fill up rapidly. If ammo for courses is a concern we are working diligently to acquire ammo students can purchase if they are attending one of our classes. Currently we have 9mm, 40cal, 45auto, and a small supply of 223/5.56. If you're attending one of our classes or are interested in attending and ammo is holding you back contact us for more details. We are trying to make training a reality and not a wish I could but....

Stay Safe - Alert - and Be Tactical!

Gray Ops 1* 02-13-2013 6:35 AM

Calendar Updated. Our classes continue to fill up, if you've been thinking about attending don't wait for the last minute. If you have ammo concerns like most of us, I've found purchasing a couple of boxes a month has helped out. Before you know it you'll have what you need for that training class with a little extra for plinking!

Gray Ops 1* 03-05-2013 12:10 PM

Handgun Skill Builder registration has closed, this class is full.

April 20-21 Carbine Skill Builder still has openings.

Gray Ops 1* 03-05-2013 9:39 PM

New mid-week Advanced Pistol, Richmond Range April 16th, just added.

Gray Ops 1* 03-19-2013 5:44 AM

Mid-Week Advanced Pistol Handling is filling fast, only 5 seats left!

Gray Ops 1* 03-29-2013 8:05 AM

August Fund/Transitional Carbine Course(s) are now full...Filling seats in our October 5-6 evolution now!

Gray Ops 1* 04-01-2013 4:45 PM

Thanks to the Bay Area hand-gunner's who signed up for the Advanced Handgun Training in Richmond. All seats are now full, registration has closed.

Gray Ops 1* 04-09-2013 9:10 PM

Spring has sprung and training is in the air!

Gray Ops 1* 04-27-2013 5:51 AM

One seat just opened up for our very popular Fundamental/Transitional Carbine Class June 1-2...Still have 7 seats left for our last class Carbine class of the year in October. Who's going to fill it???

Gray Ops 1* 05-06-2013 11:43 AM

Availability of Handgun Ammo keeping you from taking classes? Gray Ops is now offering 9mm ammo @ $100 for 300 rounds. You must be signed up for a class to receive ammo at this price. Ammo will be picked up at the class you're signed up for. 40 & 45 pricing coming soon.

Lugiahua 05-06-2013 4:42 PM

If I signed up for both Advanced Carbine and Handgun class, can I order ammo for both classes at once? or must be two different ones?

Gray Ops 1* 05-06-2013 7:07 PM


Originally Posted by Lugiahua (Post 11279012)
If I signed up for both Advanced Carbine and Handgun class, can I order ammo for both classes at once? or must be two different ones?

Both are fine at one time. Just let me know. Web Site has been updated as well.

Gray Ops 1* 05-06-2013 7:10 PM

Ammo Update (Classes Only)
Gray Ops has just contacted an ammo source to assist our students who wish to
train but the current ammo shortages have limited your abilities.

Current Pricing
9mm 115 gn FMJ, 300 rds for $100.00
40 S&W 180 gn FMJ, 300 rds for $110.00
45 Auto 230 gn FMJ, 300 rds for $135.00
(Quality Reloads)
Some Restrictions Apply:
  1. Ammo Ordered Limited to Course Requirements
  2. Must be signed up for a Training Course
  3. Ammo will be delivered at Training Location Only
Sorry, no 223/5.56 at this time, still working on that source.

Gray Ops 1* 05-22-2013 6:53 PM

October Fundamental Carbine Class just filled/registration closed.

Gray Ops 1* 05-23-2013 7:53 AM

New Class listed First Aid in a Tactical Environment, November 9-10, 2013.

Gray Ops 1* 06-19-2013 6:18 AM

An additional Fundamental & Transitional Carbine Classes have been added to fill the ever growing demand for this very popular course.

Fundamental Tactical Carbine: November 30, 2013

Transitional Tactical Carbine: December 1, 2013

Gray Ops 1* 07-05-2013 7:06 PM

September Fundamental & Intermediate Handgun Course(s) are full. Still have openings on the November Series...

Gray Ops 1* 08-08-2013 10:13 PM

November 30 / December 1 Fundamental / Transitional Carbine Courses have filled up. Thanks again for all your support!

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