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saki302 10-08-2012 12:54 AM

Yugo M92 PAP pistol prep and mod
Here's a little tutorial on how to prep the M92 for firing and remove the thread protector weld.

First off, pick one (or have the store guy pick one) with as straight a rear sight assembly as you can. The dust cover can be bent and tweaked later, but yuck. Start with a good one. If the upper handguard isn't straight, don't worry about it- it spins.

Mine is from Riflegear. They use the (IMO superior) Prince50 mag lock, and sell with a 1 round 'sled' in place. They will swap it with a 10 rounder for you once you walk out of the store.

As shipped, these things are gunky with cosmoline and a bit grimy.

Both wood handguards needed some finish applied- mine had staining from oil and cosmoline. I removed most of it with mineral spirits, and finished both with wipe-on poly. Finish the inside AND outside- it protects the wood and keeps it from absorbing oil and gunk.
The front handguard retainer (lower) flips REARWARD to release- it is opposite that of a normal AK retainer.

The gas tube kept wiping rust onto my rags after I pulled the upper wood handguard. I suggest cleaning this REALLY well. Under the dust cover was another place my rags picked up a lt of rust. Clean these spots well.

The bolt head is also gunked up. You want the firing pin to slide freely back and forth to avoid a slam fire. I used WD40, placing the spray hose up to the firing pin hole, blast it, rotate 180 degrees, blast again.

Now do it from the back. After this, let the WD40 run out, then apply the gun oil of your choice.

Clean the rest of the rifle as any other.

Now we will remove the annoying thread protector. I did this carefully so I could salvage the thread protector. When in doubt, damage the thread protector, NOT your gas block!

Step 1: add masking tape in case you slip. Red arrow shows the weld you must cut off.

Step 2: I used a reinforced fiber cut off disc on my dremel to remove the weld. It grinds down nicely and gives a lot of control (IMO). Grind them down until the weld breaks. Remember, the threads run REVERSE. There is some awful thread-locking compound on there. Don't worry, your new brake will scrape most of it out, and it's not very effective in holding the protector in place once the weld is broken. Once my weld was on the verge of snapping, I just spun the thing right off.

If you've done it right, your protector and gas block survived with no or minimal damage.

Step 3: I used diamond files (small) to clean up the remaining weld on the gas block and on the protector. With a little care, you can recontour the protector and use it again (I used a chain saw file to cut a notch for the spring retainer to catch).

Step 4: Re-blue the areas you ground. I used Brownells Oxpho blue.

Step 5: A guy on AK files (ilkindo?) makes a replacement brake retainer plunger spring and pin set for $20 ish. I'm still waiting for mine.

The final result (CNC Warrior brake shown):

You can also add a sling loop in the back- Echo 93 makes one which simply clamps between the grip and receiver.

saki302 10-08-2012 12:54 AM

The completed pistol:

I replaced the 10/30 with an old Chinese 10 rounder. Oversize 10 rounders are :nuts: IMO. Not to mention they do not come apart for cleaning. Ever.
I was advised these rifles do not liek to run with plastic mags- or at least the Tapco ones. I may have an Arsenal 10 rounder lying around I can test in the future though.

For those owners who didn't notice- the front sight has an optional flip up/flip down white dot unit. Flip it down to expose the standard AK front post.

wash 10-08-2012 11:52 AM

Very nice pistol there.

Could you tell us if the rear trunnion has all the underfolder cuts?

saki302 10-08-2012 2:24 PM

I checked- the rear trunion has solid sides- no underfolder cuts.


wash 10-08-2012 3:57 PM


I dream of the day when NFA is overturned and I can make SBRs for the price of a stock.

It won't be as easy as it could have been but still cool.

Dreaded Claymore 10-08-2012 4:26 PM

It looks really nice. Thank you for making and posting this. :)

Ford8N 10-08-2012 8:11 PM

How do you like that flash hider?

saki302 10-08-2012 8:50 PM

I'll let everyone know how I like it when I get around to firing this thing :D

At the very least, it'll jump less at the muzzle- that thing is a little brick! It's built like a tank- probably outlast the pistol..

I wanted to keep the Soviet Krinkov look- the CNC Warrior brake fits that bill nicely. Since it looks very similar to the Noveske Pig in terms of construction, it should aid in function (Extra gas) and divert blast away from the shooter as a bonus.


Gunsmith Dan 10-09-2012 12:04 AM

Nice ........


you need to add a disclaimer to this post to protect yourself :D

saki302 10-09-2012 6:39 PM

Okay- Disclaimer: you follow my advice at your own risk. This post is for academic purposes only, if you drink beer while dremelling and slice off a finger, that's too bad for you- but post pics so we can enjoy :D If you jack up your gun, it's on you- but again, post pics so we can enjoy :D

If you aren't mechanically inclined, have someone else do the work. If you totally lack common sense, consider selling all your guns and taking up knitting, or basket weaving.

saki302 10-09-2012 7:10 PM

Continued: Installing the detent pin and spring.

You can pick the kit up here:

Takes about a week to get it.

Step 1: Get your kit together. Gee, there's so many parts!

Step 2: put the spring and detent pin into the housing. Use your brake or thread protector to hold it in place. You want the flat part lined up with the hole in the rear so you can see daylight cleanly through the smaller rear hole- this is where your roll pin will go to retain it.

Step 3: Get your roll pin punch, and hammer in the roll pin at the rear hole. You do have a roll pin punch set, right? They sure make life easy.

And BAM, it's done.

If you took the time to carefully remove the thread protector and file a retaining notch into it (chain saw sharpening file works nicely), it will work and look great when you don't want a brake.

See disclaimer above. IQ above 110 only, not responsible for gun/user/neighborhood damages, etc.

SDGUNMAN 10-09-2012 9:42 PM

I wish I read this post before I destroyed my thread protector :shifty: I guess I got too excited and rushed to get it off.

saki302 10-10-2012 12:48 PM

with the cutoff wheel, I had it off in about 3 inutes, cutting carefully.

Next project- have a beer first, watch something funny on the internet, then begin. You get best results that way :D


SDGUNMAN 10-10-2012 2:57 PM

I'll try that next time. I'm waiting for my new muzzle brake and detent pins/spring. Thanks for posting the photos.

ccandgc 10-10-2012 3:42 PM

My M92 PAP just started her 10 day jail sentence yesterday. Great mods and they look great.

saki302 10-10-2012 4:40 PM


Don't forget to put some finish on those handguards. They are bare dry wood- an oil finger could leave a pretty permanent memento.

I used 2 coats of wipe-on poly, but boiled linseed or tung oil would work just as well. Skip the stain, the wood is fairly dense and doesn't take stain too well.


wash 10-10-2012 6:47 PM

Are those handguards Teak wood?

If so, straight Teak oil might be the way to go.

There is some Teak oil that has other stuff mixed in so read your labels.

saki302 10-10-2012 7:29 PM

I have no idea- I'm not a wood guy :D

It seems to be birch as far as this discussion goes:

wash 10-10-2012 8:03 PM

Some of the Yugo stuff is Teak, like the furniture in my M72 kits.

I'm not a wood guy either or I could probably tell from the photos.

Any way, Teak is interesting stuff traditionally used in applications where exposure to weather was expected. The oils in the wood are like a built in weather resistant finish but sunlight will grey the wood.

peterhungle 10-20-2012 1:16 AM

My lower handguard was so tight I had a hard time reinstalling it. When putting it back in, do you put the front end in first or the rear end first?

saki302 10-21-2012 1:54 AM

I believe I put the front into the retainer to get more room in back, then slid the rear in.

My friend had a lot of trouble with his also, but I didn't on mine.

ccandgc 10-21-2012 9:59 AM

Got my M92 out of jail Friday....came straight home and installed the CNC warrior brake, detent pin and echo 93 sling mount. Waiting on a set of furniture from Ironwoods. Can't wait to actually take her to the range! My first commie gun, I was very surprised at the simplicity, loose tolerances and the interesting machining. Mine wasn't that grungy, just some dry, tar like cosmolene.

saki302 10-21-2012 10:42 PM

The M92 is better built than a lot of AKs out there- you would be surprised :D

You got lucky- mine was mechanically nice, but looked liek someone wiped it down with used motor oil.

Be sure to post pics of your ironwood handguards- I'm curious to see how they look mounted up :)


ccandgc 11-10-2012 1:07 PM

Got my Ironwood set the other day.....took a while but well worth the wait.....I got their African teak, can't remember what it's called. But it certainly was thirsty. Sucked up the stain and BLO like nothing. I used Fairtrimmers military ox and thinned BLO.

Finishing up the install, more pictures in a bit.....

peterhungle 11-14-2012 9:23 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Refinished mine with 2 coats of red mahogany stain and 7 coats on tung oil.

SmellOfCordite 11-15-2012 8:32 PM

Very nice^

saki302 11-19-2012 9:43 PM

Just a heads-up, I was advised most of these do not like the Tapco 10 round polymer mags at all.

The steel mags are supposed to function 100% (and the Arsenal 10 rounders are probably fine)- but I guess you can try it and see what happens.


ccandgc 11-20-2012 5:37 AM

I'll give it a try and see...but good to know. Thanks!

saki302 11-21-2012 3:08 AM

Exile machine has Arsenal 10 rounders (Bulgarian Polymer) in stock for $20-some odd bucks. The profile is more similar to the steel, so it should work well.

I have a Tapco 10 rounder laying around (donated to the junk pile), and it's thicker/longer, and the feed lips seem a little odd. I should test it out and see what happens too.

Scrounging up some steel 10 roudners might take some work- my steel mag was bought at a gun show probably about a decade ago! Chinese made, works great in other AKs so far (usually used as a 'tester' mag).

gunrun45 12-25-2012 5:33 AM

This is an excellent thread that helped me a lot when I started to kering on mine. Mine doesn't seem to have any issue with the 3 Tapco 10 round mags I have though... They are TIGHT at first on the sides, but a little working them and they were fine. I used a little 200 grit on them on the sides to bring down them down just a tad just to make them a little easier.

saki302 12-26-2012 12:46 AM

Have you fired it with the Tapco mags yet?

The guys at Riflegear said there were issues with functioning when running the Tapco mags. I haven't tried them- well, I embarrassingly haven't even fired my M92 yet :D


pdaddy 01-02-2013 12:44 PM

Guys-thank you-will be using your info. to improve mine-will be picking mine up in 10 days...waiting sucks.

hellayella 01-03-2013 9:58 AM

anyone with M85s, and how to make the .223 Zastava mags with a 10 round mag block?

hiyabrad 01-15-2013 8:54 PM

Great thread!

bighitch 01-26-2013 9:30 PM

Anyone else have issue getting the top handguard back in when reassembling? Also, how do you get the lower handguard furniture to detach?

Yuba 01-17-2014 12:13 PM

Bighitch there is a video on YouTube with handguard shortcuts. See if you can find it. If not I may be able to get it for you.

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hellayella 01-17-2014 7:47 PM

picked up a M85 pap pistol and just need the thread protector removed and muzzle brake pinned...

hellayella 01-18-2014 1:53 AM

it's illegal to have the ak pistol with a removable muzzle brake that's why hence the weld on the muzzle protector

kcstott 01-18-2014 6:21 AM


Originally Posted by hellayella (Post 13230505)
it's illegal to have the ak pistol with a removable muzzle brake that's why hence the weld on the muzzle protector

Incorrect. Fixed mag makes all other features null and void

hellayella 01-18-2014 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by kcstott (Post 13230839)
Incorrect. Fixed mag makes all other features null and void

confused? so a threaded muzzle on a pistol is ok with a 10 round mag and a bullet button?

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