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Schlyme 10-07-2012 7:38 AM

Sunland Appleseed 10/6/12
The only thing I can say is, wow I have a lot of work to do to get my rifleman patch! Although I couldn't return for Sunday, I had a great time. Learned tons of great technic, and that I probably need to take yoga to do the seated position correct as my belly is in my way lol. Pretty inspirational to as far as getting you fired up to defend our 2A rights! At least that how it left me feeling! Good luck to those shooting their AQT's today! And a big thanks to the volunteer instructors!

kj 10-10-2012 9:57 PM

Hey Schlyme, I also attended this event. Too bad you couldn't make it on Sunday as there was a ton of shooting, and even some really fun team-type competitions. I shoot some highpower so I did okay groupwise, but was not happy with my consistency as I had a hard time getting used to the string of fire and time limits. Suffice to say that I made plenty of errors.

Those targets sure are small huh? Especially those one inch squares. I have very poor vision so I could just barely see the smallest targets. I had to really focus on the front site - and when my eyes got tired, the target would grey out on me. I had to really rely on my position and natural point of aim. The one inch squares work out to 4 moa, and I have never shot at something that small. I am used to aiming at a 6.5 moa bull.

The instructors were great as were the attendees. Anyone that shoots a rifle should attend an Appleseed. It's very difficult to find this type of instruction and then immediately apply what you have just been taught by firing 400+ rounds. I plan to attend again with one of my kids.

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