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BonnieB 10-06-2012 11:30 AM

What the heck is a C3? or, the spirit of volunteerism
I'm starting a thread here, to talk about what Calguns C3's are, to ask other women to offer to be C3's, and for the C3's to chat about family or women's events, etc. This thread is for all of California, not just Sacramento.

C3's are " Community Co-ordinators". The people who take the lead in organizing local events, shows, shoots, parties, getting the word out to the community, you name it. It's a volunteer thing, you work on events when you are able, etc.

I've just volunteered to be a C3 (in Sacramento). Partly because I want more regular shooting events than we have here and I want to meet other CGNers. Also I have the time and energy. And partly because Lazyme, bless him, was carrying the flag all alone. I've also volunteered to work the Calguns booth at the November Sacramento Gun Show.

I've learned that there are a few C3's who are women, but I invite you others to volunteer, knowing that you have lives and other obligations. If you can volunteer for a single event, but can't do it on a regular basis, that's cool too.

If you post questions here, or ideas for events or want to volunteer, we'll try to make sure the right people read them.

Lazyme 10-06-2012 12:17 PM

Thank you for the help!
Go Bonnie go!!

Thanks for the help in gathering volunteers as they are much needed in this area. It seems about 90% of the people I know either like to shoot, shoot on a regular basis, or would like to begin shooting...but only a small handfull of them have even heard about

The point of the C3 group and the individuals who are involved is to coordinate fun and entertaining family friendly events that help encourage new members to visit There is a little bit of something for everyone on Calguns, they just need to know it exists.

I would like to thank anyone who is thinking of helping out and encourage you to follow through with your ideas. It is easier thank you think to organize an event and you can meet some amazing people in the process. If you are going to take a trip to your local range let us all know and a few of us might show up to put some holes in paper! Even if you are not interested in organizing your own even you can be a help, just come out and share your day with us. Maybe you can talk to a few people not in the group or pass out stickers or some other little goodies that we are in the process of picking up.

Please, give us your ideas and what you think would be fun to see at a local Calguns event! Don't be shy ladies, you are Calguns also!

Thanks again, Bonnie, you have some amazing ideas so far and I am excited to see what we can do for the Sacramento area!

Visit with us Saturday, Oct 27th -

ElDub1950 10-06-2012 12:46 PM

hmmm, Thanks! I guess I never knew "C3" existed!

Steyrlp10 10-11-2012 9:44 AM

Just wandered in and was wondering if the question has been answered, thx.

minichnk 10-18-2012 4:29 PM

Hello from a fellow female C3 from Orange County :)

BonnieB 10-18-2012 4:48 PM

Hey, Mini! Glad to see you here. If you don't mind, I'll pick your brains by PM from time to time on C3 questions in general and on women's considerations at shoots and events too.

Here in the Women's Forum, we hear a lot of feedback on our particular needs and wants. We can roll that into our shoots and shows, making them more and more friendly.

Have you been a C3 long? What have your experiences been? The women of the Forum will probably be interested. Maybe even enough to volunteer themselves.

minichnk 10-18-2012 8:34 PM

Of course feel free to PM any questions. Ive been a C3 for about 3 weeks now LOL so far its been a great experience. All of the events have been well planned and executed. Everyone is super nice and friendly. Its been nice to see that over the years there has been a increase of female participants at various events. Ive been a shooter for about 4 years, a official Calgunner for about 1 year and am also commitee member of the Metro OC NRA. Please send me any thoughts or questions you may have.

BonnieB 11-18-2012 3:46 PM


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