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SilverTauron 09-25-2012 10:56 AM

Women-What grips do you all prefer?
Being a big handed guy, I buy and carry guns which are comfortable to shoot-which for me means owning pistols most folk find to be too large for comfort.

As such when I last brought a new shooter to the range neither party had an easy time shooting my big-gripped Beretta 92FS. For me its an ideal grip size,but my friend's wife couldn't reach the trigger in Double Action mode. To wit, she also couldn't safety check the weapon without pointing the gun upward to rack the slide on account of her hand size.

To prevent awkwardness in the future im looking at buying a poly frame 9mm which has a changeable grip. The idea is I have is to keep the grips set to 'large' for me, then when range day comes around I can switch to a smaller setup for my guests.

My question is, do ladies have a grip preference in theirr semi-autos, and if so, what size? The handgun im looking at buying to fill this role ain't cheap, so before I waste money i'd like some confirmation from women with trigger time that im on the right track with this.

Bugguts 09-25-2012 12:22 PM

My XD and my Sig are different grip sizes due to one being a single stack and one a double stack and there is a noticeable difference but not so much that I can't reach the trigger or engage the safety. Guess I am no help. LOL

movie zombie 09-25-2012 5:55 PM

can't help you with that, Silver, but i can tell you i prefer my pistols to be metal, not poly..... i have small hands and point the gun down when i rack the slide.

onequickshift 09-25-2012 10:17 PM

M&P? Cause my work pistol was a Glock, put in paperwork for M&P9, the ability to alter the straps is a plus.

I have wilson and nighthawk and other 1911's and some Berettas. I show my 1911s off, and I do shoot them, I just don't prefer to use as a fighting tool, just my preference.

For polys I won't play with other mfr's just Glocks & M&P's I've run at a few classes, had way to many issues with XD's of my husbands, made him sell them all, he happily did. He's using 2 G19s, a 26, at home. As well M&P's. in 9mm and 45.

Honestly just more practice with handling and use seems to be in order.

katokat 09-29-2012 2:27 PM

M&P. I actually use the largest size palmswell for it, while my husband (with much larger hands) uses the middle size. It's not just the hand size but the finger length.

savannah 09-29-2012 6:33 PM

I am not a good judge as I have larger palms and long fingers. I love the way a Glock fits. I got a Glock 19 with changeable back straps for DH. Turns out, it is my gun. I tried the Glock 26 today with the mag extension and I am soooooo getting one! I loved it.

I tried a single stack Springfield today ( don't remember which one) and it felt skinny in my palm. I wasn't a fan. If your wife has smaller palms have her look at single stack Springfield's.

masameet 09-30-2012 2:56 PM

For newbie females, I suggest a .22LR semi-auto pistol, like a Buck Mark or Ruger. Easy to grip, easy to fire, easy recoil to get used to, easy to improve with.

My female hands are on the largish side (size 8 gloves). So most handguns I can easily grip. The only one I had a hard time with though was the S&W Model 41. At 41 oz., it's bigger and heftier than most other .22LRs and 1911s but a beautiful handgun all the same.

G60 10-05-2012 12:11 AM

My girlfriend prefers compact glock (19/23, etc) frame sized guns.
I will be purchasing her a g19 gen4, as she enjoys the small back strap on my m&P's, but likes how the compact Glocks handle better. She felt the full size m&p was too large, and the compact m&p too small. Fired a friend's G32 and felt the frame size was just right.

She has a Ruger SP101 I bought her as a gift, but struggles with the DA trigger pull more than she does working a semi-auto slide.

movie zombie 10-05-2012 6:49 AM

G60, a friend of mine tweeked the trigger on his Ruger sp101 and in all honesty it is now to easy, imo. you might look into it or have someone do it for you. he said that there is a lot of roughness within the ruger's innards and he did a lot of smoothing things out. he loves that ruger!

SilverTauron 10-05-2012 7:30 AM


Originally Posted by savannah (Post 9422844)
I tried a single stack Springfield today ( don't remember which one) and it felt skinny in my palm. I wasn't a fan. If your wife has smaller palms have her look at single stack Springfield's.

Im not married- unless you know something I don't about my personal life . ;)

I've got a 1911 already, but the .45 ACP recoil can be intimidating for brand new shooters. The goal is to have them enjoy the session instead of yelling "ow" after the first shot.

minichnk 10-15-2012 8:20 PM

I would say for newbie females or not, I would say a .22 like a Buck Mark or Ruger. Cheap to purchase and cheap to shoot. Small and light for easy grip and control. Especially for newbies a gun is very intimidating so starting them off on something small gets them more comfortable and familiar with the basics of safety and operation before upgrading them to something bigger. These are also easier to manipulate, load, and clear thus making it easier for the "instructor" to foster safe and good habits. And since its less intimidating its often more fun.

I have small short asian girly hands and prefer single stacks because I am able to have a more secure hold on the weapon when firing (esp if its a larger caliber). I have a Ruger Mark III that I start everyone out on. I also have a Sig Sauer Mosquito (.22) that looks more intimidating but functions a lot like my ruger. This is often gun #2 when I am introducing someone new to semi-autos. Then I have my baby the Springfield EMP (9mm). This is fits my hand like a glove! When my friends feel comfortable and I feel they are safe enough I often move them to this. TI also have a glock 26 but that is a double stack and has a bit of a thicker grip. Its upside is that its light and small. This is gun #4 in the line up. I hope this helps but I have fond my 22s to be irreplaceable when teaching. I have even had my 8 year old cousins shooting on them. The caliber I expose to new shooters is really determined by them and how they handle/deal with the smaller calibers. I have had friends that are completely unphased by the 1911 and I have had others that scream and nearly drop the Ruger after the first shot.

If you need someone to help test out guns im always available to go shooting :)

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