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wellfedirishman 09-25-2012 8:01 AM

Pair of nice vintage 16 gauge shotguns and ammo
Open to trade offers, PM me some ideas. 22's and cool old C&R stuff preferred.

Make: Mossberg and Stevens

Model: 500B and other

Caliber: 16 gauge shotgun

Location (city or county): San Jose

Price: 275

Will ship (Y/N): Not at this time

Other info: Ammo included


I have a pair of 16 gauges (Crescent single shot break action, and Mossberg 500B pump) that I am interested in selling. I don't shoot these often enough to keep.

This is a Western Field 550B 16 ga. This is made by Mossberg and is the same as the Mossberg 500B but with the Western Field brand on it (Store Brand).

It is in overall decent condition, works great. The wrist is slightly cracked but glued, looks strong now. There is a C-LECT Choke (adjustable choke) on the barrel that works well. From what I can find, these were made for a limited time in the early 1960s and are not too commmon. There is a fiber optic bead glued (and can be removed cleanly) to the 500B barrel, I found it easier to see than the stock bead.

This guns shoots and cycles great and is a nice clay buster. I emailed Mossberg with the serial # to check age, and they said:
"Thank you for your e-mail. Sir your gun was manufactured on October 19,1971."

Crescent (Stevens): Single Shot. Looks good, thinning bluing on the barrel near the receiver (like something maybe spilled on it once). Action looks good and locks up tight. I have not shot it, but the action appears to function fine. There is a chip out of the buttplate (visible in pic).
More pics in post below.

I am asking $275 for the pair. The Stevens is C&R (1930s) but the Mossberg has to go to a FFL. If someone wants the Mossberg, I might just sell that alone and keep the Stevens.

I am in San Jose, CA area if anyone is local. I get up to Sacramento often also. If anyone is local, I also have 4 boxes of 16 ga birdshot/hunting ammo (3 unopened vintage boxes) and one more modern I would offer at a very decent price if both guns sell. If one gun sells I will keep the ammo.

Any interest? PM me please if you do.

Possible trades:
Nice C&R 22lr target rifles of comparable value, e.g., Savage 19 NRA with full wood stock and sights, Mossberg 144, etc, Winchester 75, Remington 513T, etc.

If anyone has a clean shooter grade (non collector) m1 carbine then I'd be happy to talk about that and work out something with cash on my end. I have an 03 FFL.

wellfedirishman 09-27-2012 7:16 PM

BTT, and more pics of the Crescent:

wellfedirishman 10-06-2012 4:02 PM

BTT, open to trade ideas. C&R target 22's preferred, but other stuff is cool too.

wellfedirishman 10-08-2012 9:06 PM

Make some offers folks!

wellfedirishman 10-21-2012 7:49 AM

One last bump...

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