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helpme 09-24-2012 8:54 PM

3-Gun Rifle/Shotgun Thread
Hey guys, I'm just starting to get into 3-Gun and would love to see the rifles and shotguns all you Calgunners have been running. I'm hoping to get some ideas and post some pics of my own soon.

Can't wait to see what turns up!

SuperSet 09-25-2012 3:39 PM

Coolio, man, have you been to any of the SoCal matches yet? Also, are you shooting USPSA/IDPA now?

helpme 09-29-2012 9:12 PM

Hey SuperSet, I haven't been to any of the matches yet but I am planning on attending one is San Diego next month. I'm also going to be shooting an IDPA next month as well, can't wait!

Calgunners, please post some pics, I know you're holding out on me!

CRTguns 09-30-2012 6:27 PM

Depending on your local clubs favorite "version" of 3-gun rules...

limited is cheaper to start (irons or non-magnified optic, and uses pump shotgun)

tactical iron- (same as limited, but you can use a semi shotgun)

tac optic-one magnified optic allowed on any 1 of the three weapons, no bipod.

heavy metal- big bullets to show how macho you are. scores major.

Open- most $$, but generally the easient div to win as long as your gear does not fail (it often does) and you can use and do pretty much anything that does not violate range rules or course of fire.

so basically you'll havce to give up all other hobbies and relationships in your life cause you'll have to try all the divisions, and you'll need a complete loadout for each.

to be serious though... DONT spend hella bucks on your rifle's barrel- you'll kill it within a year or two. Green mountain all the way. Chrome lined 20" for under 200 bucks.

Spend hella bucks on your optics.

helpme 11-04-2012 7:58 PM

You guys suck!

joelogic 11-05-2012 10:29 AM

Post this in the Comp forum and you will get more hits. A lot of people dont visit centerfire or maybe everyone just has their tinfoil hats on.


3GunFunShooter 11-05-2012 10:34 AM

+1 on what Joe wrote.
Also if you really want information on 3 gun,
go to the Brian Enos forums. It is the web site for competition shooting.
Lots of 3 gun information. They have forum sub topics for just 3 gun shotguns,
3 gun rifles, how to, etc. Also go to 3 Gun Nation.
JP Rifles is good to see a 3 gun AR set up, Stag Arms 3G,
Shotguns go to Benelli M2, Salient, Taran Tactical, Remington Versa Max Tactical, FN SLP, Mossberg JM 930.
R & R Racing.

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