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bubbapug1 09-20-2012 10:54 AM

Whats more dangerous? Cell phone use or drunks driving
Based on what you see, what is the more dangerous activity drivers take part in??

SoCalDep 09-20-2012 11:26 AM

Drunk drivers on cell phones...horrific.

pdq_wizzard 09-20-2012 11:33 AM

I don't like drunk drivers, but at lest they are trying to drive (I'm not talking smashed but DUI by the law ~.09). those that are texting / sexting or reading a book are not trying to drive but kill me when I'm in my bike.

and we have the law to thank for the texting being more dangerous now than before.

sorry I'm not a LEO (didn't see it was in that form) let me know if I should delete. this is just what I have seen riding my motorcycle on the Sac freeways.

Ron-Solo 09-20-2012 8:00 PM

They are all dangerous, but a sober driver has a better chance at regaining control than a drunk/high driver.

bubbapug1 09-20-2012 8:29 PM


Originally Posted by SoCalDep (Post 9363539)
Drunk drivers on cell phones...horrific.

Yea, I should have had that as an option, but you can choose more than one from the list.

While I do think drunks are more dangerous individually, the shear number of texting causing issues now on the roads even exceeds the amount of old people who tend to make things a bit interesting. Texting has to be dealt with more forcefully to get people to stop doing it while driving. I am sure the civil liberties anti nanny state folks will now chime in...but driving is a privilage, and if you don't want to follow the rules you can walk.

Maybe the law could be texting is legal, however, so is shooting at texters from your car if they swerve into your lane. That would even up the odds.

I was on the 405 today and there was a big backup in the fast lane. As I worked my way around it lo and behold a lady was busy texting and doing 45 mph to maintain a safe interval for stopping, meanwhile all havoc was happening all around her.

Triad 09-20-2012 9:03 PM

Seeing as how a drunk driver has almost killed me on the road, I will choose drunk driving.

P5Ret 09-20-2012 11:13 PM

Individually, probably a dui, but since there are more using cell phones in one manner or another it could be a toss up. The whole hands free law is a joke to begin with, it isn't holding the phone that causes the distraction it's the conversation. One thing it did do is make us all walk and drive around with something stuck in our ear so it looks like we are talking to ourselves all the time.
You missed the in dash video systems that I have seen people watching stuck in rush hour traffic.

LAKings22 09-20-2012 11:42 PM

Drunk driving

shy 7th 09-21-2012 1:15 PM

I think this is a Sharks vs. Bees discussion. They say "you're more likely to be sting by a bee than be bitten by a shark"... The thing is, when you do get bitten by a shark, it's really bad news.

So on one hand my sister was put in the hospital by a drunk driver. But that's the only one I have ever seen in my 15 years of driving.

On the other hand I see cell phoners drifting and correcting at least twice a day. Though they may not cause the kid of accident a drunk would, they're freakin everywhere.

yzernie 09-22-2012 3:32 PM

No option for all of the above.

bubbapug1 09-22-2012 9:33 PM

you can choose all the options

Cowboy T 09-30-2012 9:44 AM

Texters, book readers, and drunk drivers, in equal measure. Yapping on the cell phone is dangerous, yes, but when you're texting and/or reading your book, your eyes are actually off the road. Sober or not, if your eyes are not on the road, you won't even see the stopped car or pedestrian in front of you in order to self-correct. Boom, collision. Not good.

Drunk/high drivers, that should be obvious by now. Don't get behind the wheel in the first place.

Not saying any of the others are good or proper. I don't take cell phone calls when I'm driving; it can wait the few minutes needed to get to a safe stopping point. I've been almost broadsided more than once by cell-phone yappers and texters, and defensive driving has (so far) gotten me out of it each time, but it still isn't what I'd call fun.

Now, that's a law I could get behind. If you're caught texting or yapping on your WhateverPhone while driving, it's the same as drunk driving and therefore a ticket. And I'd love to see LEO's actually handing out tickets for this, because based on what I've seen, heck yeah, it is dangerous.

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