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G-Solutions 09-19-2012 9:22 PM

Family Range Trip
My parents are currently visiting and this time around my father had the chance for the first time to shoot with both of his grandsons.

Up to this point my younger son had a bit of a hard time with the iron sights on his Crickett. I had a spare red dot, but it requires a Weaver rail... and the standard mount they offer is .22 rail.
I machined a picatinny rail, fitted it for the little rifle and it turned out to be THE gamechanger for my son. He put a lot of ammo downrange and thoroughly perforated the coffee containers that we had filled with water and frozen overnight.

Meanwhile his big brother had equally fun with the 10/22 with the Blackhawk stock. With the shoulder stock completely collapsed, it's the perfect LOP for him.
My dad and both my sons... yes - they really like Tropentarn Camo pattern.
My older sons checks out how well his little brother's rifle work now.... it used to be his until he decided that he had "grown out of it"

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