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echoarms 09-04-2012 10:54 AM

Bullet Feeding Tubes for Hornady Feeder Dies
Hi, I've gone ahead and machined some bullet feeding tubes for Hornady Feeder Dies. I currently have a good amount for 9mm/380/357. They are anodized gold with a top cap, and a lynchpin to hold bullets in the tube while loading. They are $10 each and shipping is $4 for as many as you'd like.

echoarms 09-06-2012 8:06 AM


Deadon 09-06-2012 9:17 AM

If I could just get mine LNL to work I would buy one of these. Dang primer feeder just gives me all kinds of trouble!

echoarms 09-07-2012 6:54 AM


echoarms 09-12-2012 11:12 AM


bigdrunk92037 09-14-2012 7:05 PM

Is it a friction fit to the die? Interested in the .45.

echoarms 09-15-2012 9:17 AM

They are a good slip fit. I have only one 45 in stock. Send me a PM.

tvfreakarms 09-16-2012 8:46 PM

looking to by the same press you have.

And i'm new to reloading. I was thinking of buying the auto feeder and i realized there were expensive as hell.

echoarms 10-25-2012 5:10 PM


echoarms 10-26-2012 3:51 PM


echoarms 10-29-2012 7:34 AM


Masada86 10-29-2012 11:10 AM

Do you have any plans on making one for .40 SW?

echoarms 10-29-2012 5:19 PM

Honestly, no one has wanted these so I'm not going to go forward with more.

echoarms 11-08-2012 8:51 AM

Still have em

echoarms 11-13-2012 8:00 AM

9mm left in stock with price drop

echoarms 11-14-2012 11:31 AM

Buy them up!

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