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LAKings22 08-21-2012 7:25 PM

Custom work and upgrades on Glocks
What custom work have you done on your glock? Let's see some glock pictures.

Jeffu 08-21-2012 8:14 PM

10-8 Performance / Boresight Solutions / Griffon Industries package

Griffon Industries Stealth holster & Mag Carriers
10-8 Performance Fiber optic front & low U-notch rear
Boresight Solutions basic frame reduction & texture
Mag Release Scallop
Glove Bevel
Trigger guard texture
Ghost Inc 3.5 Rocket trigger

LAKings22 08-21-2012 8:53 PM

That's one nice G19. I have one and only changed the sights to night sights. I think I'm going to change the trigger next.

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