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mrlonewolf 08-06-2012 3:48 PM

Attention Calgunners!

We need everyone to reach out to All OUR SENATORS AND
ASSEMBLY and voice opposition to SB249
by phone, by e-mail, by
letter, twitter, face book, fax and, if you live in Sacramento, personal

What is SB249?

As it is currently worded SB249 will make it illegal to own an
item known as a conversion kit
which has the sole purpose of
allowing a magazine to be removed from a fixed magazine rifle with
the use of a tool. At this time the term “conversion kit” is largely
undefined and so broadly described that it includes parts
commonly found on many center fire semiautomatic rifles.
bill is vague enough that at this point its upper limits are unknown.
Furthermore, this bill will not provide for an Assault Weapons
Registry, or compensation for firearms or “conversion kits”
surrendered to law enforcement.

How to Help

When you contact everyone please remember the following:

1. Be Courteous – Let’s make allies, not enemies.
2. Be Respectful – Just because you disagree, don’t be rude.
3. Be Clear – Before contact, make a short list of talking points.
4. Be Relatable – Drop jargon (OLL, BB, C&R) and use
understandable language.
5. Be Succinct – Keep it short and sweet!
6. Be Persistent – Don’t let them forget who you are! Call them
back the next week and the week after and so on!
7. Be Patient – Not everyone comes around first, second, or third try.

We need to make sure our voices are heard not just by
our fellow Second Amendment rights activists, but by our
opposition. We ask that you contact Senator Yee, the Safety
Committee, and the Appropriations Committee at least
once a day, every day.
Remember that when you contact
Senator Yee, the Safety Committee, and the Appropriations
Committee you represent us all. Use the phone, your e-mail,
Twitter, Facebook, fax, and your mail box as often as you can.

Contact Information:



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