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PurplePeople 07-27-2012 9:51 AM

An Invitation to Previous Central California Appleseeders
At long last we are opening a new Appleseed venue in the Bay Area, and our first event there will be a special one! On September 29-30th, we will have the inaugural shoot at the Field Sports Park 'Metcalf' Range just south of San Jose, on their 200 yard match range.

This will be our first chance for a longer distance Appleseed shoot in the Bay Area. As a 'thank you' to our previous shooters, we are going to make this first shoot a special event reserved for Appleseed veterans only, who are looking for a chance to try an AQT at distance, or doing some serious 'grinding' on their scores. (And you will also be helping us debug our range setup and instructional program for this new range.)

The information page for the shoot is here:

and the signup page is here:

Here's what to expect:

At this shoot, Saturday will be more like the usual Appleseed Sunday, with review (only) of Steady Hold Factors, 6 steps, transitions, etc. Probably a couple of AQTs at 25 meters, then break for an instructional unit on ballistics and 'known distance' shooting. Then we continue with a 25m AQT grind, but rotate those who want to shoot out to 200 yards onto another section of the line to get their 75, 100 and 200 yard zeroes.

On Sunday, we will have 25 meter and 'known distance' AQT lines running side-by-side for the day. If you're going for your Rifleman score, you'll likely have more chances than you have ammo or energy! It's probable that the long distance shooters will need to shoot relays, alternating shooters in the available slots. (You might be able to get a 22LR out to 200 yards with high velocity ammo and if the winds are light, but generally you're going to want a centerfire if you want to try the distance shoot.)

Note the different hours at this shoot: We start promptly at 8:00 AM and must be off the range by 4:00 PM both days. We will be asking shooters to help us set up and tear down to make this schedule and let us get in plenty of practice and shooting for score.

Hope to see you there!

PurplePeople 07-30-2012 4:06 PM


This event is now over half sold.

We're having some trouble with the %$$##!! reservation system, so I haven't been able to get messages to those who attended CenCal 'seeds this June and July, or any time last year (We did get this Jan - May.) If you know anyone in those categories, please pass this along while we try to work around Eventbrite's bugs.

car15 08-06-2012 5:24 AM

Any restrictions on type of ammo ?

PurplePeople 08-07-2012 8:51 PM


Originally Posted by car15 (Post 9073040)
Any restrictions on type of ammo ?


OK, no tracers. :D

PurplePeople 08-10-2012 8:41 PM

We're down to four tickets left on this shoot, so if you're interested, better grab it.

geh49 08-25-2012 8:35 AM

Drat. Sold out. Any chance of additional openings?

BTW - great time at Chabot on the 18th and 19th. Thanks.


PurplePeople 08-25-2012 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by geh49 (Post 9200331)
Drat. Sold out. Any chance of additional openings?

BTW - great time at Chabot on the 18th and 19th. Thanks.


Only if we get cancellations.

We will have additional dates at Metcalf range in 2013.

PurplePeople 09-27-2012 1:22 PM


We've had a last minute cancellation on this shoot, so one ticket is available.

Remember, this is 200 yd shooting, but for previous Appleseeders only.

If you're going to come, please check out the planning thread on the AS Forum:
since you've missed the pre-shoot briefing e-mail.

PurplePeople 09-28-2012 3:15 PM

Had another cancel due to work issues, so we are likely to have room for two walk-ons, since reservations are now closed.

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