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556guy 07-14-2012 11:22 PM

SS 16" Midlength Upper Build (WIP with pics)
I was looking to build an upper with a fluted stainless steel 16" barrel and a mid length gas system. After talking on the phone with Dustin I decided to have him cut down a longer barrel he had in stock. Here's pics of the barrel work he's done. There are more photos on his Instagram account and Facebook page.

custom dead center made by CIV Tactical for AR15 barrels

barrel between centers and ready to turn an indicator flat then dial indicate the barrel for trueness

dial indicating the barrel for trueness in the 4 jaw chuck

theads are cut and the barrel is getting indicated again for the facing and recrown and muzzle lapping

the barrel finished being cut, threaded and recrowned

556guy 01-03-2013 3:58 PM

Finished build
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Great upper, shoots extremely well. But ultimately this upper went to a friend who wanted it more than I did.

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