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Lavaspit 07-03-2012 6:07 PM

What would you do with my Tikka T3?
When I saw he heavy, free floating barrel and extras I jumped on this rifle. I got a demo deal on a Leupold Mark 4, found a custom stock fabricator who makes thumb-hole stocks, put a great compensator on there, am having inletting done so that military mags can be used...haven't touched the bold.

What would you do from here if you were me? Tikka isnt necessarily a common rile, which I like. Id lke to gong targets at a rand with redundancy. but I also wonder about the trigger, bolt action, and strike plate.

I also wonder about getting n accuracy international or AS50, but Im not made of money yet.

I feel like, as tactical and reliable as the rifle is, Ive basically got a police rile, not a true sec ops sniper.

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