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JeePerz 06-29-2012 6:07 AM

Smooth transaction
Aside from the shop, being inconspicuous; Chris, John and Lale being knowledgeable and dealing with them a pleasure -- I can only say that I regret not having shifted my business their way earlier.

My first experience with Addax Tactical started-off very well, when I called them up last Friday ~noon and asked about the price tag on an LMT AR lower and only later found out that they have a proprietary lower of their own.

It took about ~2 minutes from to go from "hello" to "good to go" on the parts for a custom built lower. Same time for the lower registration and paperwork (they have a great application/form on their site and just filled it in thru an onsite computer).

The future is definitely looking brighter if there are people like them in this industry! :cool2:


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