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Edawg 06-27-2012 5:17 AM

easiest upgrade for ak?
Wanted to know what's easiest upgrade to your AK you have done?

hossb7 06-27-2012 5:28 PM


Both wear US Palm grips and are a MILLION times more comfortable because of it:

pyro3k2 06-27-2012 11:01 PM

1. Change grip
2. Change stock to Nato length (if needed)
3. AK74 style muzzle brake (if needed)
4. Change rear notch sight to peep sight
5. Add grip fin to aftermarket grip
6. Add ammo and detachable mags, then go have some fun.

MrPlink 06-28-2012 1:05 AM

gone featureless.

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