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mackey 05-22-2012 3:13 PM

CZ TS parts?
was told by a buddy of mine you guys might have what im looking for.

looking for extractor/springs and slidestops for a cz tactical sport in .40sw

also looking for magazine rebuilds if possible as mine are pretty beat up from uspsa matches/practice.

pm me if you have either


BigMac 05-23-2012 5:57 AM

We'll check the parts stach and get back to you.

I can buy the spring from CZ if I dont have it.

mackey 05-24-2012 3:18 PM

cool, thanks

BigMac 05-25-2012 10:37 AM

I checked when I got in last night and didnt see any CZ springs.
I will check about ordering some today for you.

Well I'll ask Annie to check ;)

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