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Tzvia 05-19-2012 6:15 PM

PUMPS! Any other pumps here?
I picked up my new to me Remington 572 Fieldmaster today and quickly put 150 rounds of Blazers, Wolf and some Green Tag through it, just popping the metal. What a fun gun. I had toyed with the idea of getting that new pump Henry, but this popped up and, well it's in good shape, and well, it's a gun so I bought it :D. Pump is really smooth, and the trigger, while a tad heavy, breaks cleanly. By the date code, it's from March 1980.

So anybody else here with a cool pump? Let's see em!

dirtracer24 06-12-2012 8:58 PM

That's a really cool rifle. I don't personally own any pump rifles(only shotguns). But my buddy has these old Winchester gallery guns that come in .22 short, long, and long rifle. These are some of the funest guns I've ever shot and are super actuate for a guns that are so old and heavily used. Concrats on the buy

bruceflinch 07-13-2012 8:10 PM

IIRC this is a 1960 572 I just finished renovating. Came to me, rusty from Texas. Stripped & reblued the Barrel & mag tube. Stripped the wood & put on 3 coats of BLO. Cleaned up the action & will test-fire it Sunday.

xibunkrlilkidsx 08-05-2012 12:36 PM

my buddies ex-gf with his Browning Pump, was made just before browning moved production over seas.

BroncoBob 12-08-2012 8:19 PM

Here is my Rossi breakdown. Great little rifle.

C6H6 12-15-2012 5:08 PM

I am looking to get a .22 pump rifle. I read the new Remington 572 Fieldmaster has some ejection problems. Any recommendations?

smog7 12-18-2012 12:40 PM

I have one of these:
(picture not mine)

Rossi pump, basically a copy of the older winchester 1906/06

sapro 12-30-2012 5:05 PM

What are the 572s going for now a days? Mine is from the 60s or so I was told.

MrExel17 03-22-2013 4:33 PM

Need one in my collection!

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