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spgripside 05-01-2012 3:13 PM

A CRPA member Statement on the ‘save’ Website
Since the stickied thread was immediately locked, precluding any response, I open this thread to discussion of

Who is Save CRPA?

Save CRPA is CRPA members, former members, and prospective members; current and former members of the CRPA board of directors; as well as California gun owners who care about their rights and those who have an effect on them.
Sounds good so far


Former Directors Who Want to Save CRPA.

Gene Hoffman - Former member of the CRPA Board of Directors

Gene Hoffman, Jr., is co-founder and Chairman/CEO of Vindicia, an on-demand subscription billing solution for online merchants. Prior to Vindicia, he was co-founder and CEO of EMusic. Mr. Hoffman was featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine as a member of the 1999 E-Gang, and was the youngest NASDAQ CEO in history. Before EMusic, Mr. Hoffman was Director of Business Development of PGP, Inc. where he helped undermine federal export controls on cryptography. He was a staff member of the UNC men's collegiate basketball program under Dean Smith.

Mr. Hoffman is a co-founder and Chairman of The Calguns Foundation, a Life Member of the NRA, and was named Gun Rights Defender of the Year 2010 by the CCRKBA. He is a licensed collector and spends time poking holes in paper when not poking holes in gun control.

Brett Thomas - Former member of the CRPA Board of Directors

Mr. Thomas is the Treasurer of the Calguns Foundation and Chief Technology officer of Vindicia, an integrated payment and fraud management company. Prior to Vindicia Mr. Thomas was Executive Vice President of Technology for eMusic, joining Mr. Hoffman shortly after the company was founded. While at eMusic, Mr. Thomas led a team of sixty-five employees and oversaw the technical integration of several geographically diverse enterprises utilizing multiple platforms.

Mr. Thomas has been a professional software developer since 1989, and has management, contract and technical experience through roles at Network Associates, PGP, NCR, MCI and IBM. Mr. Thomas has particular expertise in the design and implementation of high transaction volume e-commerce systems, large-payload download infrastructures, conversion of paper documents to electronic formats, encryption and security.

Kevin Lee Thomason - Former member of the CRPA Board of Directors

Mr. Thomason is a 1994 graduate of University of California Hastings College of the law. While at Hastings, was the Production Editor and columnist for the Hastings Law News. He was chosen 3rd Year Class Representative.

Kevin Thomason began his legal career as a legal marketing manager and was soon managing the marketing campaign for the largest law firm in the State of California. During this time, Mr. Thomason gained extensive experience in internet and computer technology and has taught MCLE classes on the internet throughout California. He has also written extensively for the legal press on these topics.

Beginning in 2006, Mr. Thomason began practicing civil rights law, focusing in the area of Firearms Rights, addressing the myriad of California laws relating to the legal ownership of so-called "Dangerous Weapons."

Bill Wiese - Former member of the CRPA Board of Directors

Vice Chairman of The Calguns Foundation, an NRA Patron Life Member and CRPA Life Member. By day, Bill is an experienced Silicon Valley firmware engineer; he currently creates software running on various consumer digital video devices. Bill's been interested in firearms and shooting for the bulk of his life, and has developed a detailed knowledge of various California firearms laws. In late 2005 - he, along with another four Calguns members - helped start the "off-list" rifle drive, resuming legal retail sales of various (slightly modified) military-pattern rifles in CA for the first time since 2000. Since then, he's also been active in increasing participation by the online community in the California gunrights fight, and in organizing defenses of those falsely charged with technical gun crimes in CA.

Joshua Berger - Former member of the CRPA Board of Directors

Joshua is a senior paralegal for a Top 50 law firm in the Bay Area. He's been collecting arms for more than two decades. He has more than a decade of gun rights advocacy under his belt.

Currently, he is a Community Chapter leader with and a Board Member of the Calguns Foundation. Joshua is also an NRA member.

James Griffiths - Former member of the CRPA Board of Directors

James is a longtime Second Amendment rights advocate, competitive shooter, and a mentor to hundreds of new shooters. He enjoys participating in and running shooting matches, including the Golden Gate IDPA Regional Championships.

Pat Iampietro - Former member of the CRPA Board of Directors

An avid firearm collector, shooter, and hunter all his life, Pat lampietro has lived in California since 1973. He is an FFL-03 C&R holder and amateur gunsmith, and a member/contributor to several online firearm and gunsmithing forums. On the CalGuns Network, Pat is the Central Coast Community Chapter leader, where his duties and activities include various outreach efforts such as coordination of range cleanups and other events, vendor relations, and fostering Second Amendment political activism. Pat is chief hydrographer and projects manager in the Seafloor Mapping Lab (SFML) at California State University, Monterey Bay.

Pat holds an MS degree in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.

Eric Mayer - Former member of the CRPA Board of Directors

Eric has been involved in the shooting/hunting community since his early teens. He owns various shooting/hunting/outdoor related websites, including Online Magazine and, and has been active with various sites since the 1990's. He is a fanatic Small Game & Varmint hunter, as well as Predator Caller and former California Licensed Trapper. He hunts with all types of firearms, airguns in a variety of calibers. Lastly, Eric firmly believes that the Second Amendment was not written to protect hunters, or target shooters; It was written to protect the right of citizens to own firearms.
It concerns me that all these outstanding people, have chosen to resign from the CRPA board of directors. I understand their reasons, and thank them for their efforts. So what is the next step to save the CRPA?

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