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Duffy 04-25-2012 7:21 AM

Couple of announcements re: discounts and warranty :)
These may not be news to many of our customers that have interacted with us directly over the years. Heretofore we kept a low profile on these policies but no longer :D

1. We've been giving military and LE discounts to active MIL, LE, firefighters and EMT personnel, this is no secret. What's little known is we've been giving the same discounts to RETIRED LE, MIL and firefighters as well. This has been one of the things we do quietly, as it's somewhat a hassle to verify, but it's time we make it public so more of our everyday heroes can benefit from it. For information on obtaining the discount code, simply email me at

It is our hope that more companies will follow our example.

2. Our unofficial warranty is unconditional, life time. It is now official, and it encompasses all of the products made by Battle Arms Development with a single exception: the 45 degree short throw selectors. The removal of the pin block has legal ramifications, so it has to be excluded from the unconditional warranty. Products not made by Battle Arms but sold by Battle Arms, such as Geissele and ALG triggers, KNS products, Norgon Ambi-Catch, etc., are covered under their respective manufacturers' warranty.

That is all :)

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