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Jackalope55 04-20-2012 2:44 PM

Guidance for getting started in Competitive Youth Pistol Shooting
My son and I are looking for some information about youth competitive pistol shoots that would be available in Northern California. Particularly the Sacramento and Bay Areas.

Info about my son:
He's 14 and a freshman in High School.
In the Boy Scout Program and has completed the rifle and shotgun merit badges which had peaked his interest in shooting sports.
He is currently nearing the end of his 2nd year on the Yolo Sportsman's Association Jr. Rifle Team and has just earned his NRA Sharp Shooter ranking.
The show "Top Shot" on the History channel is favorite TV program.
At the moment, he thinks he wants to go into the Marine Corp after he graduates. Last year it was Air Force. Teenagers!

I really thought he would continue on with the rifle as his competitive juices stated going, but they really didn't get moving once he started shooting some larger caliber guns.
He absolutely loved shooting trap with the 12 gauge and found he enjoyed it more than the 20 gauge. Then he tried pistols and liked that even more.
Needless to say, being the wonderful dad that I am, I have a 20 gauge shotgun and and very nice Savage Mark II at home that don't get much use. (Yolo rifle team provide a 22LR with peep sights for their shoots)

I take him to the two shooting ranges here in Vacaville to rent various pistols for him to try out and get the feel of. But since I don't want to start buying more safe queens for him this time, I figured I would post it to the CalGunners to see if anyone has some experience as to what competition shoots are out there (types of pistols/calibers), for someone his age, and what you have found as good starting points into this area of shooting that I can share with him for guidance.

Thanks for the advice in advance!

Jackalope55 04-26-2012 12:23 PM

Update to what I have found on my own
I have continued to search out more information as to what is out there and am surprised at how difficult it is to find age requirements attached to any of the shooting sports, but anyway ...

Here is what I have found so far (and I will continue with updates if anyone here finds this info useful):
The biggest help was coming across this site which lists various USPSA, IDPA and Steel targets Clubs in Northern California.
From there I was able to find one that is closets to us, which just happens to be Solano Targetmasters and they have competitive shoots every 2nd Sunday of the month at the Yolo Sportsmen's Association in Davis.
In contacting their Club President about an age limit this is what he said:

Hi Seth, I'm away from my computer so this will be a short note. I would suggest that you and your son come out to one of our matches and see the different equipment that everyone uses. There is no age limit in our sport, if you feel he is mature enough to handle a firearm he can compete. He would have to go through our class before he could be allowed to compete.
So for any of you young guys looking to compete in USPSA or IDPA (at least with the Solano Targetmasters) there isn't an age requirement to be able to compete. You only need to be mature enough behind a firearm to show proper control and safety and take their training course. And defiantly get out there and go to a match or two in person to see what it's like and talk to the folks involved.

This is a good start at least for us. I am going to take my son to the next shoot on the 13th so he can get more of an idea of what it's really like out there instead of just watching the competitions on Shooting USA.

quailhunter 05-01-2012 9:05 PM

We have started Venturing Crew 1220 in Marin which focuses on shooting sports, and currently we are training on action pistol. Rimfire pistols for now, moving up to 9mm once accuracy and speed improves.

Venturing is a division of Boy Scouts, it is coed and ages 14-20. Boy Scouts can't shoot pistols or any rifle other than 22 single shot bolt. Venturers can shoot any legal pistol, rifle or shotgun, except full auto.

Like our Facebook page, "Crew 1220" and you can see what we are up to.

Best of luck to you and your son!

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