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0321jarhead 04-17-2012 1:26 PM

1960 Romanian M56 SKS Carbine
This Romanian SKS of mine was made in 1960 at the Cugir factory. You will notice that on all Romanian SKS carbines that the serial number starts with two letters followed by numbers, then the year it was made. The stock on this rifle has the serial number stamped twice. I may have been a screw up by a worker at the plant. All Romanian SKS carbine stocks were made from solid beech blanks and are almost identical the Russian SKS stocks.

bohoki 04-17-2012 1:45 PM

wow that is pretty

SKSer45 04-17-2012 8:24 PM

NICE! and you got the cleaning rod!! next up is the Romy Dog Collar sling and your golden! very nice!

0321jarhead 04-17-2012 8:49 PM

Have it.

SKSer45 04-17-2012 8:56 PM


Originally Posted by 0321jarhead (Post 8424637)
Have it.

yes!!! har har!! welcome to the ROmy Club :) I love mine and it is great. So much fun to shoot and love.

VegasND 04-18-2012 4:55 AM

Nice rifle.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Blitzburgh 04-18-2012 9:40 AM

Very nice shape! A Beauty!

I have two of them I need to dig out and see when/what they are. All I know is that they are both Romanian's. I doubt very seriously remembering back at the one glance that I took at them, that they are in anywhere near as nice as your little beauty.

I had three of them, but some unscrupulous fellow talked me out of one of them.


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