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Vu 308 03-29-2012 10:29 AM

NCPPRC 2012 Intro to LR Shooting Clinic
Registration will open up on Sunday, April 1st at 8pm PST. We do not reserve slots, and no one will be allowed to register early.

Please do not register if you have shot our clinic in the past. This clinic is for those that want to try LR shooting, and to get their feet wet in the game.

There will be 50 slots available, total.

Please visit the link below for details on the clinic, and to register after 8pm PST on April 1st. The first 50 will get slots, and the rest will be added to a standby list. Those that get slots will be notified via email with payment instructions, and event details.

Cost: 75.00
Date: May 20th, from 7AM to 5PM, plan for a long day if you want to be in this clinic.

Thank you,


Roddd 04-11-2012 2:52 PM

I wish I woulda jumped on this sooner. If a spot opens up, can we be notified by email?

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