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G-Solutions 03-25-2012 8:25 PM

Range Day with the Junior Staff
I spent the better part of the day today on the range with kids two families, in particular with their kids who range from 7 to 13.

We had a variety of .22's from a single-shot Crickett all the way to a converted AR-15, plus my combat levergun in .357.

I am truly impressed with them - they made all the safety rules their own and picked up on marksmanship basics very quickly.

One thing that might be interesting for parents is the Blackhawk Axiom stock for the 10/22. It's a drop-in upgrade that does not break the bank, but does allow quick LOP adjustment via the AR-15 style shoulder stock. I got this one to see how it works for this application and it is definitely a keeper.

A real treat for the kids were the Newbold plastic targets (The range is in a national forest and their administration does not allow steel). Those plastic discs took a lot of hits and are still usable.

The curse of me running this event is that I do not get much of a chance to take pictures. Hopefully I can get some of the other parents in the next couple of days to post them here.

It was a great day on the range and I'm happy to see all those kids turn in accurate and safety-oriented marksmen.

ZombieTactics 03-26-2012 12:40 PM

Tremendous stuff ... glad to see the youngins' brought up right!

t0kie 04-04-2012 5:22 PM

Great time, I can't wait to bring my son with me someday.

G-Solutions 04-04-2012 6:54 PM

It's a very rewarding experience...

BTW - Savage just came out with a new children's rifle, the Rascal. Accutrigger, cock on bolt-open, good sights. I'm tempted to get one to round out the armory for the junior staff!

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