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Turner's Outdoorsman 03-09-2012 12:03 PM

**KSG** Shotguns Update
Folks, after receiving the single KSG that came in yesterday, we made contact with the 5 distributors with whom we have our orders to get an update on Kel-Tec's shipping pattern- the news was less than great.

Amongst them, they have orders totaling 1,000's for the KSG alone, but none of them are expecting to see more than 100 this year, based on the shipping that they have seen so far. The largest quantity received from any one of them was less than 10.

That said, we are hoping things will change and Kel-Tec will a) begin to produce and ship in earnest or b) be more forthright with what can be shipped this year.

At this point, we are going to quit taking new deposits on KSG's until this situation improves.

For those of you with deposits you have the same options we always offer:
1) You can sit tight and wait this out for a bit or until we have more news, or
2) You can roll your deposit into another purchase, or
3) Or you can request a refund.

And it goes without saying that you will not be charged for any cancellation charges, etc. for choosing option 2 or 3.

Please PM us if you have a deposit and you have additional questions.

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