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Duffy 12-19-2011 11:30 AM

45 degree, and 45/90 compatible receivers
We'll keep updating this as more manufacturers make ready their 45 degree, and 45/90 compatible receivers.

The difference between a strictly 45 degree selector compatible receiver, and a 45/90 compatible receiver is the FIRE/pictogram position. A 45 degree only receiver's FIRE/pictogram engraving is close to 60 degrees, which allows the 45 degree's position indicator to point at it when the selector is set on FIRE. A 45/90 compatible receiver's FIRE/pictogram engraving is situated at 68 degrees, thereby allowing both the 45 and 90 degree selector to both point to its general direction when the selector is switched to FIRE.

45 degree compatible receiver:

Accurate Armory, 45 degree only receiver (45/90 compatible receiver may be coming)

45/90 compatible receiver: billet receiver

AXTS, A-DAC-F (forged) and AX556 (fully ambidextrous, billet) and AX762 (coming soon) receiver



Photos courtesy of, Military Moron, and Rainier Arms


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