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HSM 69 Grain .223 Match Ammo Review


Typical targets for this match are various steel plates, ranging from 8” circles at 120 yards, to ten-inch circles and USPSA-style MGM swingers, to a ⅔ size USPSA target at 400 yards.

With this ammunition, I made 400 yard hits with my first shot every time, and that’s not shooting from the bench, but from prone field positions. The ammunition shot to point of aim with the stadia lines in my ACOG TA11.

It also fed and ran reliably, with absolutely no stoppages or issues of any sort over a course that involved firing roughly 45-50 rounds per two stages, and 30 rounds on a “Standards” course that involves shooting five-shot strings on steel targets from standing, sitting, and prone positions.

Based on the results from this match, this ammunition is good stuff, and noticeably cheaper than similar offerings from other ammunition makers such as Black Hills. At the time of writing, a box of 50 rounds of the HSM 69 grain ammunition is going for about $37.50, while a similar load from Black Hills costs $46.41.
Read the full review on his rifle portion of the 3 gun match here:

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