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stardaddy 10-30-2011 12:38 PM

WTS: AR 7.62x39 Upper, CProd 7.62 Mags, DD Omega 7.0, Magpul ACS & MOE Stocks & more!
Terms of sale: I accept discrete PP (buyer pays any fees) or USPS MO. Shipping to lower 48 included. I will ship promptly after payment is received. Please send any questions or "I'll take it" via PM. I will pay shipping. I am located in Lubbock, TX.

Also, please know the gun laws of your state before you PM. I will not ship to a state were it is unlawful to posses any of these items for sale.

1. Like new, optic ready, flat top AR 7.62x39 complete upper with fixed front sight and less than 100 rds. through the barrel. Other specs include a 16" barrel length, and a 1/9.5 twist. This upper shoots very well and has been 100% reliable with brass cased ammunition. 30 rd. C-Prod Mags are the magazines of choice for this beast, as they feed extremely reliably. I have had no failures to feed or jams with C-Prod Mags and brass ammunition. This is a very fun upper to shoot, and I was surprised to see how accurate it is at 100 yards. Barrel is chrome-lined. Cleaned and maintained after every shooting session (only 3). SOLD.

2. NIB, Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 Rail, comes with 3 rail covers. Asking $190.

3. NIB, Magpul ACS Stock, Black, Commercial. SOLD

4. Used, Magpul MOE stock. SOLD

5. Like new 30rd. C-Products Magazines, KITS* (6). SOLD

6. Hogue Pistol Grip. SOLD

7. NIB, Tapco Short VFG. Asking $10.

8. Last but not least, a new bcm hat, make me an offer. SOLD

Thanks for looking. Pictures coming soon. Also, PM me your email address and the item and I can I send you pictures that way until I get them up on here. Thanks again.

Digital_Boy 10-30-2011 1:38 PM

A bit confused, will you sell the C-Products as rebuild kits to CA residents? I'm definitely eyeing the upper/kits as a package deal. If you want, you can get my email address from my Calguns profile and email me pics of the upper. But I'd also like to take first in line for the upper/kits pending clarification.

anyracoon 10-30-2011 1:39 PM

PM sent on Hogue grip & BCM Hat!

RogueSniper 10-30-2011 1:53 PM

I'll Take all the Kits:
Incoming PM

5. Like new 30rd. C-Products Magazines, KITS* (6). Would prefer to sell in a package deal, will be discounted, also, buy with gun will be discounted. Asking $12 each, $59 for all, $55 for all w/ purchase of upper. *No sales to states with magazine capacity laws. These are complete magazine KITS.

stardaddy 10-31-2011 3:19 PM


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alloutprodux 11-04-2011 8:02 AM

who makes the upper?

stardaddy 11-04-2011 12:26 PM

I bought the upper from a dealer at a gun show who put them together and I did not ask the manufacturer (dumb I know). It was definitely an impulse buy, but now I need the money so I am willing to let it go fairly cheap due to me not knowing if I have a "brand name" rifle upper. My loss is your gain. Regardless, it is a very nice piece, the only recommendation I would make is upgrading to a heavier firing pin. I had a few fail-to-fires with steel cased russian. With brass, which is the majority of what Ive shot through this, it has been flawless. I have not experienced any failures to feed with this rifle, as I have read alot of these uppers have that problem. This is using cprod mags of course. Anyway, the 7.62x39 round has quite a bit of power and feels nice against the shoulder. Its perfect for anyone wanting to explore the 7.62x39 ar at a great price. But Ive got a class to catch. Thanks for looking.

stardaddy 11-05-2011 2:13 PM


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brdrgrd 11-11-2011 10:45 AM

Feed problems.
Just to clarify, you haven't had ANY feed problems, just failure to fire with the russian ammo? + You have already sold all the mags for this upper?

brdrgrd 11-11-2011 10:49 AM

Also, you never stated the manufacturer of the upper.

kuletchi 11-11-2011 11:46 AM

Will the upper fit my ar 15 .223 lower?

stardaddy 11-14-2011 5:35 PM

@ brdrgrd: I do not know the manufacturer, that was cleared up in my second post. And yes, no feed problems, but a couple fail to fires with russian ammo, nothing a stronger firing pin cant fix. Also, keep in mind that I have fired less than 100 rounds through this upper. I have already sold the magazines.

@ kuletchi: Yes the upper will fit the .223 lower, everything hooks up as normal. I had this upper on a 5.56/223 lower. I'm pretty positive that they don't even make a 7.62x39 lower. So no worries there.


stardaddy 11-18-2011 6:28 PM


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stardaddy 11-25-2011 7:47 AM


mrvash 11-25-2011 8:24 AM

PM about the DD rail

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