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RaymondMillbrae 09-19-2011 6:52 AM

OK, shooters,

y'all asked for it, and the range gods have listened and smiled down upon you. I now have the "go-ahead" to start the SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS.

As usual, the SAFE HANGUNNER CLASS will still be held every 3rd Saturday of the month. But now we will also be offering the SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

There are some great multigun and long gun matches coming to Richmond in the upcoming 2012 year, as well as in Sac Valley. On top of that, the RRGC (Richmond Rod & Gun Club) also holds a multigun practice on the 1st Saturday of every month. In order to participate in either the multigun practice, or in any of the long gun matches sponsored by the RRGC, you must meet one of the following criteria: (No exceptions)

RRGC Multi-Gun Match - Competitor Qualification Requirements

1. USPSA membership with a VALID CLASSIFICATION in one or more pistol divisions. (Not JUST a member. You must have shot 6 matches and be classified).
2. Demonstrated multi-gun competition experience. This means you must show that you have previously competed in a USPSA or IMG rules based multi-gun match, and completed the match without being disqualified. (Match results with your printed name, or a letter from a match official must be presented).
3. Completion of the RRGC SAFE HANDGUN COMPETITOR CLASS, with an additional multi-gun safety orientation at the monthly RRGC multi-gun practice stage.
4. Completion of the RRGC SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS, and at least one Saturday multigun practice.

The latter prerequisites are mandatory, and there will be no exceptions. (This includes LEO's or military). The rules are there for safety's sake...and safety is the name of the game.

The SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS will start promptly at 0800 hours (1 hour earlier than the SAFE HANDGUNNER CLASS), because there will be more firearms to cover, as well as it taking longer during range time.

The 2nd Sundays of the month do not belong to the action shooters, so we must be out of there no later than 1330 hours to give the other organization time to set-up their stages for the Sunday match.

If you have been interested in giving multigun a try, then here is your opportunity. The class will consist of a $25.00 entry fee, which will also give you passage to a FREE USPSA pistol match. (Sorry, shooters...but our multigun matches are far and few in between, and we have a limited number of shooters which can we cannot just give those entries away. But like I said, you can still shoot one of the USPSA pistol matches held every 1st and 3rd Sunday at the club). You will be instructed on multigun safety fundementals, learn the basic USPSA Multigun Rules, have a few hours of supervised range time, and get many tips and tricks which will start you off on excellent footing.

Once this course is completed and you attend a Saturday multigun practice, if good safety is demonstrated, I (or another qualified multigun RO) will sign-off on your card, and you can shoot ANY match the RRGC will host. On top of that, Sac Valley (our sister club), will honor our MG safety class, and permit you to shoot their matches as well. This means that you will be running and gunning to your hearts content for the coming year of 2012 and beyond.

In closing, the SAFE MULTIGUN COMPETITOR will also touch on pistol as well. Not as thoroughly as the SAFE HANDGUN COMPETITOR CLASS, but enough to satisfy the requirements to shoot the pistol matches at our club.

And super get more information on the multigun class, go to the RICHMOND HOT SHOTS website. I will be the contact person for this class, so feel free to ask questions on this thread so others may also benefit from the replies, or contact me directly at:

Raymond Moreno
415 377.8042
Droid: (FYI: Millbrae is the city where I reside)

I will get back to you the first chance I get.

See y'all on the field, shooters!

In Christ: Raymond

PS: If you have already shot a Richmond long gun match, you are grandfathered in. No need to take ANY classes. (Unless you want to learn a bit more about USPSA MG Rules and tips). ;)

CALI SHOT DOC 09-19-2011 8:35 AM

This is a great thing you have started Raymond!!

RaymondMillbrae 10-10-2011 5:12 AM

Just a reminder that the first class will take place on the December 10th.

We are limited in space to 12 shooters per class, and will need a $25.00 check to hold your spot. (Made out to the RICHMOND HOT SHOTS).

Feel free to contact me with any questions on this thread, or personally.

Completion of this class will qualify you to shoot the Sac Valley multigun matches as well. So now you will have many more opportunities to satisfy your multigun cravings for the coming 2012 year.

See y'all at the range.

In Christ: Raymond
415 377.8042

82lightfighter 10-18-2011 11:10 AM

Hey Ray, are there still spots open for this? And I am wondering about what equipment (beyond standard range kit -- so battle belt with drop leg and dump pouch, along with 3 gun setup?) I should bring for this class? A friend and I, who have both been to the safe hangun competitor class, are interested in this one. Thanks for the heads up!

prc77 10-18-2011 2:52 PM

Holster, open top, that covers the trigger guard ( BladeTech), 2-4 mags and there pouch's

A couple mags one mag holder on your belt. More if your run'n a BB and 10 rounders. No sling

Shell caddy's of some kind. enough to carry say 12 rounds. If you don't have em. A dump pouch will do. Not the fastest way, but it will keep you shooting. 7.5 or #8 birdshot

If you need some shotgun practice I will be running a shotgun only practice stage at Richmond on Nov 12. More than likely in Bay 4

Hope this helps.


RaymondMillbrae 10-18-2011 6:00 PM


Originally Posted by 82lightfighter (Post 7344300)
Hey Ray, are there still spots open for this? And I am wondering about what equipment (beyond standard range kit -- so battle belt with drop leg and dump pouch, along with 3 gun setup?) I should bring for this class? A friend and I, who have both been to the safe hangun competitor class, are interested in this one. Thanks for the heads up!

"Yes"...there are still spots open for the class. But I can only take 12 shooters at a time, and folks are already signing-up.

If you have already taken the SAFE HANDGUNNER CLASS, you will NOT need to take my class. (Although it is still recommended, as I will be covering the USPSA MG rules, as well as many other tips for multigunning). BUT YOU STILL NEED TO COME TO A SATURDAY MULTIGUN PRACTICE IN ORDER FOR ME TO SIGN-OFF FOR YOU TO ATTEND A MULTIGUN MATCH!! Having taken the SAFE HANDGUNNER COURSE, you are now familiar with all the range/USPSA safety requirements needed. But we still need to clear you at the multigun practice, as multigun and pistol are two very different animals!

Anyhoo...bring your SAFE HANDGUNNER card with you on a multigun practice Saturday, and I will walk you through the steps needed for safe multigun shooting.

We do not really focus on the pistol aspect, and will not really have the MG stage set-up for pistol shooting. But if you are attending the SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS, and want to bring one, let me know. I can accomodate you guys, and make sure I cover some of the pistol basics during the class.

As for the equipment needed, bring A WORKING shotgun (pump or semi) a rifle (any type of long gun), 50 rifle rounds and at least two magazines for it (some Blade-Tech AR magazine holsters are highly recommended), 50 shotgun shells, and a means to carry these shells...and you should be fine. (No steel shot, or steel core rifle rounds allowed on the range)!!!!!

There are different ways that folks carry their shotshells, and during the class you will see a few different ways. I recommend that you NOT purchase any shotshell carriers until you take the class. Why? Because during the class we will show you a few different types of shotshell carriers, and this way you can try them out yourself before dumping any money on anything. (Which can get expensive).

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you make sure your firearms are in good (safe) working order, and that you try your shotshells in your shotgun before the class. For pump action shotguns, no problemo. But for semi-auto shotguns...well...they can be finicky. And I have seen PLENTY of guys come to shoot a multigun practice - or match - and have their shotguns not cycle their shotshells. So basically, their semi becomes a single-shooter. (Shoot, rack the action, shoot, rack the action, etc...). Bad ju-ju, folks.

I am one of the Richmond multigun committee members, and you will either have to take the MG class, or be cleared for MG practice, before attendiing ANYTHING multigun on our range. This includes any type of long gun practice!

Safety is the name of the game here, folks, Safety and club liability.

Don't be shy folks, feel free to call me with your questions.

I work graveyard, so feel free to call in the late afternoons, or any time during the evenings. (Even late evenings).

In Christ: Raymond
415 377.8042

PS: Special Note: If any shooter has already shot a long gun match at Richmond, you are grandfathered in. ;)

RaymondMillbrae 11-08-2011 6:00 PM

OK, shooters...

as of right now, the December 10th SAFE MULTIGUNNER class is now full.

Below are the shooters who have their spots reserved.

C. Nichols
E. Wright
C. Appalas
J. Holmes
J. Medina
J. Volat
G. Wilson
A. Fernandez
L. Borrillo
C. Chi
D. Shigematsu
R. Zolezzi

Their checks or money orders are in-hand, and their spots are reserved.

I am only taking 12 shooters per class. So if you want to attend the December class , you are now out of luck.

In Christ: Raymond

ciscosixgun 11-11-2011 7:49 PM

Good luck with the class Raymond. Bump for you and the Hotshots. Too everybody else out there who is not shooting 3gun right now, TAKE THE CLASS!

ddj8052 11-29-2011 11:12 AM

Pm sent.

RaymondMillbrae 12-10-2011 2:27 PM

Good class today. Had a good time. Students were receptive and eager to learn. Can't ask for more than that!

If all the new multigunners are of this caliber, then it looks like the multigun sport has a good future. ;)

It was an honor, shooters. Hope to see y'all at the BARC and the Richmond shotgun and multigun matches this coming year. (Sign-up for the BARC now, as the match is almost full)!!

The January multigun class is filling-up, so if y'all are interested in joining the multigun crowd, then this is the place for you. Good instruction, great club, fantastic will grow!!

I'd like to hear feedback from the shooters who attended today. Did y'all enjoy the classroom instruction? Was it beneficial to you? How were our facilities? Could yall see yourselves growing here? How was the general atmosphere of the club/class? Did you feel comfortable?

See y'all next month at the multigun practice!!!

In Christ: Raymond

gary2232 12-10-2011 6:27 PM

Great class today!!! Thank You Raymond and Richmond Rod and Gun. This class was fun and very informative. See you at the next 3 gun.

crya79 12-11-2011 7:18 PM

Hey Raymond. Great class. Classroom time was important for us total greenhorns. I learned most out on the range, and definitely look forward to practices. More shooting is all I could ask for, but time is limited. Anyone interested in the sport should take this class to learn from friendly people who know their stuff.

norbs007 12-12-2011 9:39 AM

Ray, just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your efforts in all these. I had a moment to observe the class and it's a definite winner.

Looking forward to shooting with all you crazies!:43:

RaymondMillbrae 12-16-2011 7:19 PM

OK, shooters,

the 14 January class is starting to fill up. Below is the current list...which I will update regularly.

Multigun year is upon us. The BARC is already filled-up...but we still have two multigun matches coming this year, as well as a shotgun match.

Wanna shoot multigun matches? Wanna learn how to get into multigunning?


Remember, only twelve slots per class.

In Christ: Raymond
__________________________________________________ ______________


Escoto, A
Lanham, K
Minchini, M
Jansen, C
Jackson, R
Mar, K
Bonilla, J
Chan, A
Jacobson, T
Quan, M
Jung, J

OFI 12-21-2011 5:26 PM

I agree with the above posters and *Thank You Raymond* for all of the helpful feedback!

speeddreamz 01-08-2012 3:38 PM

I got 2 buddies waiting to take the class, what is the date for jan?

RaymondMillbrae 01-08-2012 3:47 PM


Originally Posted by speeddreamz (Post 7806867)
I got 2 buddies waiting to take the class, what is the date for jan?

Always on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

This will fall on January 14th, next week.

January class is now full. Below will be the list for the February class.

Check in hand holds your slot.

In Christ: Raymond


Hagen, T
Houdek, P
Padilla, V
Santos, K
Lang, D
Libuano, R

koz 01-24-2012 4:35 AM

I was in January's Class. Raymond does a great job of teaching and I would reccomend this to one and all who want to get their "feet wet" in 3 gun!

luvtolean 02-11-2012 4:46 PM

Thanks again for your time and expertise today Raymond.

I was very impressed with your presentation and running of the training.

If you're thinking about it, go. This is an unbelievable deal, get out and shoot with Raymond!

RaymondMillbrae 02-13-2012 6:17 PM

Thanks, shooters.

What makes a class interesting is the students. If y'all want to learn, and want to be safe/great multigun attention and interact with the class. Which y'all did.

It actually worked-out well, as the class was not packed this time around, so y'all partook in helping to build the stage. This meant you got to undertand a bit about stage design, and also got a bit more shooting done. (An added bonus). ;)

This is making me consider reducing the class size down to 10. I know it is only a reduction of two shooters, but that is also "time saved" in resetting everything, and more time for coaching y'all.

Hmmmm...let me ponder on this a bit more. Looks like reducing it to 10 shooters per class is a "win win" situation.

Anyhoo...great class, very safe and attentive shooters, and completed without a hitch.

Hope to see y'all at the multigun practices and matches.

Registration for the March 10th class is open. Contact me if you are interested in getting into multigun competition.

Completion of the class will get you FREE enterance to a pistol match at our club, as well as the knowledge/experience to partake in ANY USPSA or IMG multigun match throughout the United States.

See y'all downrange!

In Christ: Raymond

prc77 02-22-2012 4:55 AM


Originally Posted by RaymondMillbrae (Post 8085281)
Taking shooters for the March class.

Its gonna be a good multigun year!

For $ cannot go wrong. No gain on our part, as we are doing this for tbe love of the sport. Upon completion of the class, you will also receive a voucher to shoot a free $25.00 pistol match (That's right, tbe class is basically free).

See yall out there!

In Christ: Raymond

is that voucher good for the club multigun matches too??

RaymondMillbrae 02-22-2012 5:01 AM

No, Chris.

Only for the pistol matches. (Which we hold twice a month here).

The long gun matches are too far and few in between. (Two multigun matches, one rifle match [USPSA sanctioned], and one shotgun challenge, for the whole year).

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 02-28-2012 8:51 AM

OK, shooters,

this March will be the last multigun intro class until May.


Because I will be shooting and ROing the USPSA Multigun Nationals in Vegas come this April.

So here's the deal: Multigun practice on the first week of April. Then I will be gone for a whole week on the second week of April. (MG Nats). Then we will have the Richmond Multigun Match on the 22nd of April. as you can see, it will be a super busy month for me.

So how does this affect y'all?

Well...for those of y'all that have already taken the SAFE MULTIGUNNER COURSE, and have been attending the first Saturday multigun practices...the April match may be your first "legitimate" multigun match to attend. (Woo-Hoo...all your training will be put to the test, and you can finally see the fruit of your practice).

And for y'all that have not taken the SAFE MULTIGUNNER COURSE, this March will be your last chance to take it if you want to compete in the April multigun match.

There is still plenty of room, shooters.

If you are interested in taking the March class (March 10th), you need to let me know.

See y'all out there!

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 03-13-2012 6:35 PM


the March 10th class has come and gone.

We had a great group of shooters attending, and I forsee the multigun clan growing and growing.

Like I mentioned, I am reducing this class to "every other month" - which means the next class will be on the 12th of May.

For those of y'all that have not taken the SAFE MULTIGUNNER class, you will not be able to attend this Aprils multigun match. (Unless the other requirements have been met).

Like I said, the next class is May 10th. If you want to start multigunning, or are interested in becomming more profecient with your long guns in general...this is the place to start. As a club, we are making no profit from this. Why? Because at the end of the class, you will receive a voucher to attent a free pistol match at the club, which is a $25.00 value.

So why do we do this?

For the love of our 2nd Amendment rights, for the love of the sport, because no one else is doing it, to help our club be an opportunity for safety and growth to firearms owners, and because "this is what we do".

In closing, if you are interested, contact me.

Next class is in May.

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 03-14-2012 11:10 PM


Looks like the May class has also been postponed.

Just caught a glimpse of our range schedule, and the second weekend is our yearly range clean-up.

So it looks like the next class will be in June. (Where does the time fly)?!

And by the way, if you shoot at the club, we expect you to be there helping in the clean-up. Be part of the Richmond Clan, and contribute some of your time.

See yall in May (for the clean-up), or for the June class.

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 06-04-2012 6:37 PM

OK, folks,

if y'all want to get into multigunning, or want to be able to practice at our range with your long guns, or even participate in one of our long gun's your chance.

Because of my crazy schedule, I have reduced the SAFE MULTIGUNNER classes to every other month. Between the MG classes, running the MG practice, MDing two multigun matches with Geoff, helping with all the long gun matches at our club, and building stages for the pistol matches...I am too pooped to peep. (And that's not even including my God, my wifey, my job, and hunting season starting in mid August)!

Anyhoo...the next class is this coming Saturday. I have been pretty busy lately with other stuff, so I have not put forth the effort to advertise for this coming weekends class.

I will be out of town this weekend scouting for hawg and bear hunting territory up in Sonoma and other northern areas. (Archery hunting season is around the corner, and me wants pulled pork sammiches and a bear rug). So Gregorius Glockus will be teaching the class this weekend, and the doode knows his stuff. (Took top 10 in his Division at this years Multigun Nationals in Vegas).

We still have openings for this Saturday's class, and the multigun season is here in full bloom.

If you are interested, and have any questions, feel free to call. I work graveyard, so please call in the afternoons, or anytime at nite.

In Christ: Raymond
415 377.8042

iidx 06-05-2012 5:52 PM

Hey Raymond,

I just took a look at the RRGC calendar, is there an IDPA regional match (Golden Gate IDPA) that conflicts with the class this weekend?

RaymondMillbrae 06-05-2012 9:36 PM


Originally Posted by iidx (Post 8706506)
Hey Raymond,

I just took a look at the RRGC calendar, is there an IDPA regional match (Golden Gate IDPA) that conflicts with the class this weekend?


You were correct. Glad you caught that.

The class will be cancelled for this month.

Gotta call everyone to let them know what's up.

Sunday is open, but Gregorius Glockus will be shooting a match in Yolo...and I am not going to mess with everyone's weekend schedule.

Thanks for pointing that out. It would have been a disaster...which would have been my fault.

In Christ: Raymond

Atekhed 07-02-2012 7:08 PM

Any idea when the next SMG'er class will be taught or an idea of the future schedule?

RaymondMillbrae 07-02-2012 7:28 PM

Sorry, shooters...

but I have been SLAMMED BUSY with a multitude of tasks!

Just finished the BARC, and now I have:

1st week July: Running the multigun practice
2nd week July: NROI Level-2 class
3rd week July: Multigun match (Me & Geoff are the MD's)
4th week of July: Golden Bullet Sectional Championships

So it looks like the 1st week of August I will be running the multigun practice...which means THE SECOND WEEK OF AUGUST WILL BE THE NEXT MULTIGUN CLASS.

I still have the checks, money orders, and cash from the last class which was these folks have priority at the moment.

If interested in the August class, please feel free to contact me.

I work nights, so be patient, I will get back to you in the order that I am contacted.

Remember, I am keeping the class numbers down to 10...or 12 at the super most.

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 08-09-2012 6:11 AM

OK, shooters...

if yall are interested, I still have room for a few shooters in the class.

These classes are NOT being held monthly, as I have realized that I have a life as well...and am spending waaaaaay too much time at the range looking at yalls ugly mugs. ;)

At least thats what my wife says. I said, I have room for a few more shooters if interested. The next class is this Saturday, August 11th.

I cannot tell you for sure if another class is going to be held the following month, as things are kind of chaotic with my work schedule, and the clubs schedule. (The latter has not been posted on our website in a few days). :(

The shotgun championships are coming-up at the end of September, which also happens to be the last long gun match of the year for our club. If you want to participate, sign-up for the class this Saturday, or POSSIBLY next month...if we decide to hold one.

You were notified!

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 08-28-2012 8:03 PM

OK, Shooters,

there will be no INTRO TO MULTIGUNNING class for the month of September.

The CA Shotgun Championships will be at the end of September, so we are using the 2nd Saturday to host a shotgun practice. (The MD specifically asked for the stages that day to train...and so it was).

This will be the last long gun match of the year for us (not including the rim fire stuff), so if you did not take the missed-out on all the crazy multigun matches we had this year.

October will be the next class if y'all are interested in starting the 2013 year off with a bang.

See y'all at the range. ;)

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 10-10-2012 5:32 PM

Still room for the October 13th class, this Saturday.

This is your chance to get into multigunning on one of the best action ranges in the nation.

If interested, call me.

415 377.8042

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 10-12-2012 7:35 PM

There is still a few spaces in the class, as I had a few shooters "bow-out" at the very last minute.

If you are interested in getting into multigunning, call me ASAP.

I will be up until 0100 hours this morning, so do not worry about the time.

Class starts promptly at 0800 hours, Saturday morning. You MUST contact me if you want to attend the class.

415 377.8042

In Christ: Raymond

RaymondMillbrae 11-18-2012 3:10 AM


I will be holding another INTRO TO MULTIGUNNING CLASS on December 8th, at the RRGC. This will be the second Saturday in December.

I have a small list going of shooters who have shown interest, and am committing myself to the December class.

If interested in getting into multigunning, contact me directly via email or cell phone. (Not through a Calguns PM).

Call me in the late afternoons or late nights, as I work graveyard.

First come, first served, as I am keeping the class to no more than 10 shooters at a time.

In Christ: Raymond
415 377.8042

RaymondMillbrae 11-22-2012 3:25 AM

Still have openings for the December class.

I am NOT doing this class every month, as it is taking too much of my time. (On top of my other range responsibilities). So if you are interested in getting into multigunning...this is the class for you.

In Christ: Raymond

hammer 11-22-2012 6:45 PM

Thanks Raymond for putting this on. I took the class last year and it was really helpful getting me up to speed for the regional matches such as BARC and Shotgun challenge as well as major matches.

BTW, Raymond does this completely voluntarily. He also puts on the multigun practice at Richmond the first Saturday of each month. Please thank him for helping to bring multigun more mainstream and available in the SF Bay Area.

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

RaymondMillbrae 11-27-2012 6:21 PM


there is still plenty of space for the INTRO TO MULTIGUN CLASS on the 2nd week of December. (December 8th).

If you want to get into multigunning, pistol shooting, or even have permission to practice at our action range on Saturday's...take this class.

It will go, even if it rains!!

Call me in the late afternoons and evenings. I work graveyard.

415 377.8042

Contact me via cell phone or email...and NOT by PM. (I am not here on a daily basis).

In Christ: Raymond

Dubels 11-28-2012 10:48 AM

Great class. Had fun when I did it, prepared to get hooked.

RaymondMillbrae 12-02-2012 5:36 PM

Class is still a "go" for the 2nd Saturday of December. (December 8th).

The weather also looks favorable. (Sunny and clear).

This class is designed for y'all, so if you are interested in taking this next class, let me know. Call me, as I do NOT monitor this site daily! (Afternoons or late evenings, as I work graveyard).

In Christ: Raymond

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