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Timberwolf 09-06-2011 5:44 AM

No Sept 22LR match at DMPRC
We are extremely busy at work with three trials coming back to back in September and the first half of October. I'll be working this weekend and probably the next two or three. I don't know yet my availability for October but will as it gets closer.

For those I owe trophies to PM me your addresses and I'll get shipped out to you latter part of this week or early next.


Rimfire Junky 09-19-2011 4:28 PM

Here's to hoping things ease up for you so we can get back on the line...

Edit: What do you think of these for one of the stages?

Looks like they'd be pretty easy to make.

DavidRSA 01-03-2012 9:56 PM

Anyone have any idea if these matches will resume?

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