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September Tactical Challenge COF
2011 BRRC Tactical Challenge III
Precision Rifle Match
Location: Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club, Castaic Range
Date: 24 September 2011
Sign ups: 0730
Entry fee: $20
This is an individual event limited to 20 shooters

Course of fire: (sighter shots not permitted)

Stage 1: Cold bore call out 300 yards
Shooter will have 30 seconds to move to the firing point, locate and identify a number designated target and engage it with one round.
Round count 1

Stage 2: Barricades
Shooters will engage KD and UKD targets from 200 to 1000 yards from various improvised and barricade positions with two rounds each.
Round count 10

Stage 3: Positions 100 yards
Shooters will have 10 minutes to engage a target with three rounds from the standing, sitting or kneeling and prone positions, sling only may be used for support.
Round count 9

Stage 4: Find your balls 100 yards
Shooters will engage a concealed target of numbered balls from a reference target,
numbers will be randomly drawn, shooter will have 1 minute to determine the target location and fire each shot.
Round count 10

Stage 5: 5-4-3-2-1 200 yards
Shooters will engage an 8x8 target in decreasing exposure times of 5-4-3-2-1 seconds
Round count 5

Stage 6: Chaos
Shooter will fire 12 rounds alternating from a 600 yard moving target to a 300 yard static target in a 2 minute time limit. If the shooter fails to alternately engage the targets a cease fire will be called and all saved rounds will be scored as misses
Round count 12

Note: only misses will be scored, lowest score (fewest misses) wins, saved rounds will be scored as misses. Ties will be settled by a dot drill shoot off. No switching rifles
Contact Gary Eliseo to sign up;

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