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DrRobert 08-10-2011 9:35 PM

Always a Positive Experience
I have probably been to this range about 8 times and have always had a great experience. Most of the staff are spot-on 100% of the time a few can be moody but that is just subjective. They are always informative, provide a good place to shoot and have a good supply of ammunition, etc. I would also suggest getting a membership card to the range, I have saved a tremendous amount of money by having the card and I suggest anyone who goes shooting once a month or more. My friends save a bunch also. Thank On-Target.

ontargetrange 08-11-2011 3:55 PM

Thank You For The Kind Words

We don't get many day to day, so when we hear them I always pass them along to the staff so they know that their work is appreciated.

AVgunGUY 08-12-2011 9:16 PM

My family have been members for several years - the business is great, the staff is great, the pricing is fair. It's just a fun place to go.

lgm118icbm 08-18-2011 7:15 AM

On Target is a bit of a drive for me so I don't go as often as I would like but I always have fun when I am down there.

ruddogg 10-28-2011 2:33 PM

every time I go, you guys have been great! keep up the good work! see you guys soon!

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