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LoneWolfDistributors 07-22-2011 2:02 PM

Slide Fire Solutions 9mm Stock
So we did a quick test on our T&E Slide Fire Solutions SSAR15 stock. With a few clearance cuts it fits our G9 carbine pretty good.

Check it out

bigcalidave 07-24-2011 3:02 AM

You might want to check this thread out,

LoneWolfDistributors 07-25-2011 7:01 AM

Yeah we don't really plan on selling them to CA but I thought I'd share the video. I shot it again Saturday and now that I know the technique we got full mag dumps easily.

bigcalidave 07-25-2011 4:27 PM

Would be fun!


tonelar 12-15-2011 7:20 PM

Y'know... CaDOJ has no opinion; meaning they don't consider it a mechanism (according to a recent phone call).

And I read and agree with BWeise's post (in the other thread). It's very true that with local law enforcement not even being able to differentiate between a legal M1A and an illegal AW; does a Calgunner really need the additional headache a $300 toy?

However, just thought I'd add to this thread, because (quite frankly) I was surprised to hear that a DOJ phone call actually made sense.

ghost 10-20-2012 12:02 PM

would the stock work with a .22 conversion upper?

Intimid8tor 10-20-2012 12:43 PM

I'm curious what mods had to be made. I put one on my 9mm AR and after tweaking the ejector a bit it ran fine.

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