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gti_20ae 07-16-2011 1:39 AM

MaxMySafe Lite Tech LED Gun Safe Light System. Gun Show Schedule Update!
Order placed by Tuesday afternoon will be going out the same day or by Wednesday for Christmas Delivery.

Youtube Installation Video.

If embed video not working, try this link.

Order it from our NEW WEBSITE: Check out our new motion sensor option.

Up Coming Gun Show Schedule:

May 19th & 20th - Crossroad of the West Gun Show, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA

June 2nd & 3rd - Crossroad of the West Gun Show, OC Fair and Event Center , Costa Mesa, CA

June 9th & 10th - Crossroad of the West Gun Show, Cow Palace, Daly City, CA

July 14th & 15th - Crossroad of the West Gun Show, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA

July 21st & 22nd - Crossroad of the West Gun Show, AZ State Fairgrounds , Phoenix, AZ

July 28th & 29th - Crossroad of the West Gun Show, Reno Convention Center , Reno, NV

***For those that purchase the kit from me, thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy it. Please PM me your Calguns username so I can leave + itrader rating. Thanks. - Lite Tech

Hi there, a while ago, I was helping another member to develop a LED light system for safe. Here is the original thread, . After all my experiments, today, I am done. I am in the LED business myself, I mainly make automotive LED and display case LED. The reason why I decide to make a gun safe LED kit is because as a gun owner myself, I really love my guns, but I don't have too much free time to shoot ( I only shoot once every other week). What I really enjoy is open up my safes at the end of the day and take a look at all my guns. I know some member suggest using rope light, or stick on LED light puck, but I want something really bright, I want something with a custom look to it. That is why I decide to make my own light.

Advantage of Lite Tech LED safe light system:
1. All LED strip are made with SMD LED chip, they use less power and give off less heat (cool to touch) than older type LED, they are more reliable, brighter, and light spread out wider. Each LED system have over 140 LEDs.
2. Another main focus of my LED system is being able to run on AA battery or AC adapter. The reason I like using AA battery instead of AC adapter is because my safe don't have a outlet hole, and I don't feel like drilling through my safe. Using 8 AA battery, it can provide up to 6 months of run time assuming turning on the light 15 minutes a day. (Up to 3 years if just quick daily in & out)
3. It have a inline on/off switch
4. The system is fully expandable, you can light to each shelf of the safe
5. Available in white only on standard and large system, premium system available in multi color.
6. Light strip have Velcro backing, so it can stick on the carpet sidewall inside the safe. They are easily removable for rearrangement. If the interior of your safe is metal, don't worry, we will include heavy duty double side tape with Velcro carpet.
7. LED strip is really low profile, it won't take up space inside your safe
8. I am new to commercial sale at Calgun, most of my transaction is from private sale, so I will throw in auto on/off switch to all my safe kit.

Lumen Output:
White standard kit - around 750 lumen, large safe kit - around 880 lumen

What's included in the kit
- 2 x 4 feet LED light strip (72 LEDs per strip)
- 1 x battery holder
- 1 x inline on/off switch
- FREE inline roller on/off switch for auto turn on/off safe light when safe door open
- If the interior of your safe is not carpeted, the fuzzy side of Velcro with heavy duty double side tape is also included in the light kit.

This kit will fit safe up to 24" wide (measuring from interior). I do have a large safe kit that will fit safe up to 60" wide, it is $5 extra, and it does comes with an extra 20" strip for the top to extend the width.

Price: $40 per kit, shipping is $5.99 for USPS priority mail. Or you can pick up from my shop at Walnut, CA.

To purchase a kit, you can either go to either of my websites or accept Paypal or check at this time) or you can pick it up from my shop at City of Industry (we accept cash or credit card)

Bobula 07-16-2011 2:01 AM

tag, will be ordering payday

emil77 07-16-2011 5:23 PM

Ordered a kit!

TBDesigns 07-16-2011 7:38 PM

Just wanted to leave a review. I was given the prototype of from GTI and wow what a product I recommend to everyone!

emil77 07-16-2011 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by TBDesigns (Post 6786214)
Just wanted to leave a review. I was given the prototype of from GTI and wow what a product I recommend to everyone!

Which color LED's did you get?

7.62x54R 07-17-2011 11:53 PM

I bought one of these kits at del mar so far I am impressed. Still working on a way to use the auto on/off switch may need to make a bracket to hold it. Using the on off button right now. My safe is large so I may need additional light strips. It's a good solution for me as my safe has no hole for and or internal power plug.

repomanNWP 07-18-2011 12:22 AM

Saw these at the show, bought the kit and got it installed in less than 5 min with total satisfaction. I got the two long strips plus the top strip in the white color. Great product.

jeanreau 07-18-2011 12:10 PM

Nice to see you and the wife yesterday. Brought the kit home and got it installed really quick. Then I decided to make things more complicated and add under shelf lighting. I worked out the routing but I will need to splice some wires. Do you have any suggestions or schematics on mounting the door switch?

Great kit! Really easy for simple door jamb mounting. As for the lighting, the illumination is great. I wish they made a velcro sock that could go around the wiring so we could snug it up to the corners... my idea.. copyrighted... ha...

Great guy to do business with... would highly recommend!

<<ADDED PICS BELOW (flickr sucks)>>

I wanted to extend the kit to cover two additional downlights at the shelves. It took a bit of thinking and only one splice extension between the two jambs and I was able to get it all to run in series. I am very happy with the lighting. I used a staple gun with U staples and a few velcro strips to tuck the wires up tight and out of the way. Also, used velcro to attach the battery pack. Please excuse the poor quality pictures, the wife has the good camera.

Here is the overall picture with a low flash:

Here is one self-illuminated:

Down light at safe ceiling with cabling stapled tight:

Picture of upper shelf concealing view of battery and wiring etc. You can just barely see the toggle button:

Battery pack and toggle switch under top shelf:

Safe Ceiling shot showing wiring routing. Keep in mind that this is not visible unless you are 4' tall or if you bend over:

zoglog 07-18-2011 1:42 PM

wow this sounds interesting, may have to give this a run in my sturdysafe

CBRKURT 07-18-2011 3:16 PM

Tagged for future purchase

PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE 07-18-2011 8:22 PM

I was always against led's when I 1st saw them in Sportsmens safes, and I don't know why it's so difficult to light up a safe, but I'm definitely in for ordering one of these and give it a go. Looks like these have improved from what I previously seen.

On my way to order a set!:D

joefrank64k 07-19-2011 9:08 AM

Just placed my order...

1Fastrider 07-19-2011 9:48 AM

Looks good and just placed my order.

Equis 07-19-2011 6:15 PM

Ordered two kits! Looks awesome!

tangent 07-19-2011 11:24 PM

Hey there, looks great! I noticed on this thread the large safe kit is $10 extra and on the website it says its $5 extra. I assume the site is the correct price? Also out of curiosity I would like to know how many lumens these things put out (each color.) Thanks!

GunCrazy 07-20-2011 2:08 AM

I just ordered a large safe kit. I noticed in your post above it says the large kit comes w/ an extra 20" strip. On your website the technical specs says:

"- Large safe kit includes an additional 18" LED strip with extension cable ($5 extra)"

Just wanted to clarify which LED strip comes w/ the large kit, 18" or 20"?

Can't wait to setup this light kit! Thanks

*Edit: Received a PM from gti 20ae. It's a 20" LED strip that comes w/ the large kit if anyone else was wondering too.

emgee00 07-20-2011 6:13 AM

I was just looking into light solutions for 2 of my safes! Thanks.

TBDesigns 07-20-2011 7:28 AM


Originally Posted by emil77 (Post 6787367)
Which color LED's did you get?

I got the white LED's

emil77 07-20-2011 6:54 PM


Originally Posted by TBDesigns (Post 6805403)
I got the white LED's

Nice, I ordered the blue LED's!

NorCal916 07-20-2011 7:08 PM


gti_20ae 07-21-2011 7:20 PM

bump.....feel free to PM if you have a suggestion about the item, we are always looking for ways to improve the item.

Here are more pictures of green, white, and blue kit.

TurboChrisB 07-22-2011 8:21 AM

Just received mine today.....that was fast! Quality looks great and light output (white) is pretty terrific. I'll install it tonight or tomorrow and update. This is gonna be wayyyy better than having to keep a flashlight on top of my safe! Thanks!

Casual_Shooter 07-22-2011 8:58 AM

Mine should be here today. :)

FWIW- When I had my safe installed, the optional light kit was $200. In that case, I think they embedded LED's into the center divider.

For the $$, this seems like a no-brainer.

ccsun0201 07-22-2011 9:20 AM

I've been meaning to get some lighting in the safe and these look great. Picked up a set and another for my pops. Can't wait to get it.

TurboChrisB 07-22-2011 9:19 PM

OK, 10 minute set up and most of that was sitting there figuring out how I want to run the light strips...

Photos taken in the evening with no flash but with my room light on...


And after, with the light on

Sorry about the poor cell phone pics...but they're accurate and you can see how well this illuminates.

Thanks again!

fuj357racing 07-22-2011 10:03 PM

those kits look awesome. may pick one up soon!!!:clap:

jeanreau 07-22-2011 10:24 PM

Awesome TurboChrisB. Also, I never thought of adding a shelf at the bottom of the AR's to boost them up.

Learn something new every hour at Calguns... Thx

emil77 07-23-2011 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by jeanreau (Post 6823291)
Awesome TurboChrisB. Also, I never thought of adding a shelf at the bottom of the AR's to boost them up.

Learn something new every hour at Calguns... Thx

I agree, thanks Chris, great idea! I have the blue LED's installed, it looks cool! I just have to figure out the auto on/off switch.

TurboChrisB 07-23-2011 6:55 PM


Heavy_Grinder 07-23-2011 9:02 PM

Got my kit yesterday. Installation was straight forward. Been looking for a lighting solution for my gun safe for a long time and every gun owner with a safe should have one. I highly recommend this kit. Outstanding!

ColdDeadHands1 07-24-2011 12:58 AM

WOW! Just finished installing mine after receiving them just 3 days after ordering. These are amazing. It is daylight in my safe. The install is clean and easy.

I strongly recommend these lights!

emil77 07-24-2011 5:53 PM

Here's mine with the blue LED's.

unusedusername 07-24-2011 7:05 PM

Can you post a closeup photo of the door pressure switch?

Casual_Shooter 07-24-2011 7:14 PM

Installed my kit today. Had to velcro a block to the side of the safe door so it would hit the pressure switch. I double-sided taped the switch to the side of the safe. It's toward the bottom now. I may move it to the top depending on how I want to mount the battery pack.

I thought this was supposed to be AC or DC, but I did not see a way to run it AC. Ideally, I'd run mine AC with the DC as a back-up in the event of a power failure.

The velcro did not stick to my safe interior. A quick trip to Walmart for the "fuzzy" side and I was set.

Also, I had to make sure and put the light strips as close to the side walls of the safe as possible, otherwise, the bolts would hit them.

Likewise, on the top strip, I originally had them on the inside front wall, but noticed they would/ may have interfered with the re-locker bolt. (It normally doesn't move with the handle- but would deploy in the case of tampering). I couldn't really test it (since the bolt does not move) so I velcro'd the strip to the roof of the safe- facing down.

I'm happy with the result. Very bright and useable light.

gti_20ae 07-26-2011 1:40 AM

Bump, come see us at Ontario Crossroad gun show this weekend. Also, as suggested by Causal_shooter, if the interior of your safe is not carpeted, I can provide the other side of Velcro for sticking on the strip at no additional cost, just put it on the note when ordering or PM me. I will update an picture with the roller switch tomorrow. Thanks for all the support.

ccsun0201 07-26-2011 11:23 AM

Got mine yesterday and the white standard kit is very bright. Everything was easy to install but I am looking forward to seeing how everyone installed the roller switch though. I was trying to hide the switch for a cleaner look but just wasn't able to find a hidden area for it. Nonetheless, this is a must have for any safe!

gotsig 07-26-2011 1:39 PM

Got mine installed today, very happy with the product. I just super glued the roller switch here:

jeanreau 07-26-2011 3:49 PM

How do you know the light goes off?.... Hahaha, j/k...

gotsig 07-26-2011 4:07 PM


Originally Posted by jeanreau (Post 6844569)
How do you know the light goes off?.... Hahaha, j/k...

Just like any other calgunner would have done, I put my son in there and closed the door...Aw shoot, gotta go let him out:eek:

gti_20ae 07-27-2011 11:05 PM


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