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LoneWolfDistributors 07-12-2011 8:07 AM

CA Legal G9 Carbine Discussion
I just wanted to give a small update on where we are at with the CA compliant G9 9mm carbine.

We are going with a tooled mag release system. We have modified our mag release system but we still need to make a "plug" that will block the user from using their finger at all to remove the mag release. Its not as simple as we first thought but we are working on it we assure you.

After we get a working release we'll send it to some of our contact in CA for their opinions and thoughts.

After we are confident in it we'll probably send it to DOJ for approval.

Its a long drawn out process but I want you guys to know we are working on it.

If you haven't seen our carbine before check it out here:

dshortone 07-12-2011 8:56 PM

I'm anxiously awaiting this, especially to throw a .40 upper on, to go with my G35!

Hopefully my pay raise will come about the same time this project all comes to fruition.

LoneWolfDistributors 07-15-2011 10:11 AM

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Here's an update.....

This is a PROTOTYPE mag release system we are working on to get these into CA...

I must stress this a prototype. We started by cutting the mag release paddle off but you could still squeeze your finger in there and get the mag to release so we had to come up with a new plan. We made a plug that goes over and doesn't allow your finger to get there.

In production runs we'd likely make the block out of polymer. We have to reach out to our DOJ contacts to see if they are going to have a problem with the block being screwed into the receiver or if we are going to have to glue it in.

The small hole in the mag release is sized for a standard glock take down tool or punch. It forces you to use a tool to get the mag out.

Let me know what you guys think.

dshortone 07-16-2011 9:54 AM

Looks great to me!

Oceanbob 07-18-2011 8:27 PM

10MM would be a big seller.

CWatson 08-07-2011 2:29 PM

Instead of trying to come up with a mag lock unique to your mag release design why not use a Monsterman or other "finned" grip ?

How about some stripped lowers so we can DIY? I have a complest featureless 9mm with magblock I want to swap the lower out so I can use mypreban Glock mags.


LoneWolfDistributors 08-08-2011 7:15 AM

We really hadn't thought much about the monsterman style grips. I guess we could look into that.

We don't plan to offer stripped lowers at this time.

CWatson 08-08-2011 1:18 PM


Originally Posted by LoneWolfDistributors (Post 6920828)
We don't plan to offer stripped lowers at this time.

You did offer them in the past?


LoneWolfDistributors 08-08-2011 5:07 PM

We used to offer our original version in a stripped. We have a whole new design now and we don't plan on offering these as stripped.

gotglock? 08-13-2011 8:39 AM

a lot of shooters go out of state to shoot. will you be able to change the mag release for out of state use? (like a standard AR)

CWatson 08-24-2011 4:17 PM

Another thought if you want to pursue a restricted mag release instead of a finned grip.

Why not use your standard mag release with a sheet metal guard with a small hole in it for a tool to release the mag? The guard could be held in place by one or more of the pins in the lower reciever. At the most you would need pins with a larger head on one side, alot less engineering than coming up with a ad hoc bullet button for a non standard AR lower.

If you look at the Kel Tec carbines offered by DD's Ranch that is exactly what they did. It also give those who travel out of state or plan to move in the future a option to covert to normal use while in NV.

About the lowers. You mentioned no stripped lowers, how about complete lowers? For California think A2 stock and finned grip. The main reason I would consider your Glock magged lowers is because of the box of pre banned mags I bought in earlier years and most other Ca buyers most likely have the same idea. You can not legaly use a mag with more than ten rounds with those bullet button type releases.That is why a restricted mag release is less desirable than a reguler operated release with a fixed stock and finned grip to me at least.

Thanks again,

In the linked thread below the question came up about modding the bolt on some brands of uppers to use on your 9mm lowers. I have not noticed any difference in 9mm bolts which I thought were all "Colt" style except Olympic, do you recommend modifying the bolt on RRA uppers also?

Wizard99 10-28-2011 10:01 AM

Any updates?

LoneWolfDistributors 10-28-2011 10:51 AM

We have our machine shop working on some of the mag releases now..

hellraiser 11-02-2011 11:10 PM

Can't wait!

hellraiser 12-03-2011 7:15 PM

Any new info?

LoneWolfDistributors 12-05-2011 11:36 AM

We are making the plugs right now. Our machinist is working on it so we can get some carbines into CA.

hellraiser 12-06-2011 11:48 PM

Cool... I will keep checking in till this is a go!

tommyid1 09-07-2012 4:24 PM

whats the status on these guys?

philc 10-27-2012 7:19 AM

With the Gen 4 Glocks being ambidexterous, can more traditioinal style mag release be implemented instead of that paddle style mag release? Would probably mean a major design change from your end, but just thinking out loud...

ArkinDomino 02-26-2013 9:42 PM

Did this ever happen?

Baboosh 09-05-2014 1:13 PM

Was this idea abandoned ?

Baga 10-29-2014 5:03 AM

Any update?

Trriemferent 12-02-2014 7:28 PM


Mentiroso 03-22-2015 8:08 PM


Mentiroso 03-22-2015 8:08 PM

Rome was built faster...

demisx 08-03-2015 1:42 PM

I've just talked to Lone Worlf Sales and the lady rep just told me: "they don't know if they make a California legal G9 or not, because states laws very some much and there is now way for them to know". That sounded strange. She also said they would ship one to an FFL as long as they are willing to accept it. Can @LoneWolfDistributors confirm whether G9 exists or not? Thank you.

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