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Martin Tardif 07-10-2011 10:47 AM

4th 200 Yd. Rimfire Roundup Sign Up
Mark Gravitt ------ Scope, Bipod
Gary Fowler -------Scope, Bipod
Vladimir Sanda -- Scope, Bipod
Vadim Israilevich - Scope, Bipod
Ben Serebreni ---- Scope, Bipod
Allan Thomas ----- Scope, Bags
Mark Edgreen ----- Scope, Bipod
Ellis Hallmark ----- Scope, Bipod

This ought to be a hot one so I'll bring some water on ice and maybe some salted peanuts.

G-forceJunkie 07-10-2011 5:44 PM

Date? Time?

Martin Tardif 07-11-2011 6:58 AM

That might help, huh? Squadding at 7:30 AM, about 8:00 the fur flies. I'll post the match bulletin soon. Here's the BRRC calender:

Bserebreni 07-18-2011 2:09 PM

Martin: I might use a bipod and also try a bag, if that's ok\Ben

G-forceJunkie 07-26-2011 8:33 PM

I'm in. PM sent.

Martin Tardif 07-29-2011 6:33 PM

B.R.R.C. 200 Yard Rimfire Roundup

Fired on 5th Saturdays (Quarterly) unless otherwise announced.
Rifle Classes- All .22LR caliber rifles are eligible to shoot this match,
however, no F-Class Open style front rests will be eligible for awards. Bipods,
haversacks, media filled bags, etc. are allowable. Rear bags are also allowed.
This will be a prone Any sight match. All competitors will be required to
perform pit duty (2 competitors at each target).
Target- 4.13 200 Yard Target. A-21 - Single bullseye. 8, 9, and 10 rings black.
(A-21 C Repair Center)
X ring................. 2 inches
10 ring............... 4 inches
9 ring................. 8 inches
8 ring............... 12 inches
7 ring............... 16 inches
6 ring............... 20 inches
4 x 10 x 200yd. Course of Fire
Stage 1- Unlimited sighters, 10 shots for record in a time limit of 28 minutes
Stage 2- 2 sighters, 10 shots for record in a time limit of 20 minutes.
Stage 3- 2 sighters, 10 shots for record in a time limit of 20 minutes.
Stage 4- 2 sighters, 10 shots for record in a time limit of 20 minutes.
Time limits are for 2 shooters per target. Alternating fire (@ 50 sec./shot)
Awards will consist of money to the top 3 to 5 shooters (NRA classifications will
not be used at this match) depending on turnout.
This match is not Registered or Approved by the NRA but all appropriate firearm
and range safety precautions will be in effect. Open Bolt Indicators are required.
Squadding will start at 8:00 AM and 1st shots downrange will commence shortly

All times are GMT -8. The time now is 4:23 PM.

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