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shortround1 06-11-2011 9:12 PM

Beginner classes.
Hey On Target folks, I always forget to ask you guys when I'm in-store, but when are your beginner handgun courses? I think I've overheard that they're held each Sunday morning, is that the case? My mom is showing interest in possibly target shooting and I think this would be a good first step for her. If it hasn't been posted yet (my search yielded nothing) are you able to show a schedule and pricing for your classes? Thanks.

ontargetrange 06-11-2011 9:17 PM

We schedule classes for newbies all during the month and have special classes just for women each month as well. Call the range and ask when the next ones are. Surprise your Mom and enroll her in the Woman's only classes -- best thing you can do!!

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