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StrikeIndustries 05-20-2011 4:30 PM

Law Enforcement / MIL Program - Please read!
Active Law Enforcement or military? Buy an SI firearm accessory, take some pictures of our stuff in action and get your money back, that simple.

Whether you're on duty in the office or in the field, snap some shots of yourself (face can be blurred upon request) and be sure to have a clear shot of: our product installed, identifiable mark i.e. police cruiser, the more the merrier.

Terms and conditions:
-Images must be high resolution, at least 1600x1200
-Must provide at least 3 photos per product
-Pictures must feature items unique to LE or military (i.e. police vehicle, Humvee, etc.)
-Law enforcement, Military, Security Professional (please no airsoft)

*SI reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason or suspicion of deception

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