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Kestryll 04-05-2011 11:05 AM

Front Sight Diamond Memberships not to be sold
I received this via email recently requesting that we not allow Diamond Memberships to be sold.

As the strictures on selling these memberships is part of their policy for selling them we will honor this by not allowing them to be offered for sale on


Hi Guys,

I'm XXXX XXXXXXX with Front Sight,

We are the Industry leader in Firearms Training, we have a 550 acre resort just outside of Las Vegas, NV
Like a golf resort but for gun enthusiast.

We sell lifetime memberships for people that want to train
For the rest of their life at an affordable price, just like a country club does.

Front Sights Owner Dr. Piazza asked me to contact you to make you aware of the Front Sight Member policies.

A member holding a transferable membership is not allowed to advertise their membership on any form of media.

Any violation of this policy can lead to termination of their membership/s.

Dr. Piazza would like your forum to help us with this policy.

Please take down any posts you might have that come up on google concerning selling a Front Sight Membership.

Please terminate any future posts selling Front Sight memberships of any kind.

Your forum members can still sell their Front Sight Course Certificates to other forum members, just not any Front Sight memberships.

If someone donated a membership to the forum to be given away that's fine for the good of the forum.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

If you have any events for your forum that you might need a free course certificate or two for a raffle or door prize, you can contact me to give them to you for your event.

Thanks for your help with this problem.

Exec. Assist.
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

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