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duraglock 01-26-2011 7:16 PM

New line of 3 port brakes .Features out patent pending field wrench technology.
Made in the U.S.A

AR15 1/2X28 5.56 1/2X28 7.62X39 1/2X36 7.62X39 5/8X24 7.62X39

AR10 5/8X24 .308

AK47 14MMX1 LEFT 7.62X39 (also in stainless )

VZ58 14MMX1 RIGHT 7.62X39



duraglock 04-20-2011 5:17 PM

Now melonite coated.

duraglock 08-25-2011 7:36 AM

Guys great feedback from the Larry Vickers Ak course on our Ak Fast Brakes. Guys shooting the big names like pws and battle comp felt the fast stayed flatter and allowed for faster followup shots. One guy removed his pws and installed our brake. He said with our brake installed he felt like he was cheating.

NORCAL#1 08-25-2011 7:48 AM

These things work great!!! Bump for a good product and seller.

sandeggo 08-25-2011 8:16 AM

whats the length on these?

vandal 08-25-2011 10:43 AM

Tested these vs JTAC-47 on my 7.62x39 and I'm a believer. With the Solar brake my Aimpoint dot just doesn't move. :notworthy:

duraglock 08-25-2011 2:13 PM

Little over 2in.

SoCal Gunner 09-12-2011 1:22 PM

How about one to fit/thread onto a FS2000 that will cover the second grove and make the OAL >30" ?

duraglock 09-16-2011 2:10 PM

Nothing for the fn yet.

ctseng15 10-29-2011 11:15 AM


I have a WASR 10/63. It currently has a slant muzzle brake on it. I'm looking for a muzzle brake to mainly reduce recoil. I have a buddy of mine that has the PWS J-TAC47 on his WASR and I like how it feels. I also have the PWS muzzle brake on my Mosin Nagant. How does does your FAST muzzle brake compare to PWS J-TAC47 or the FSC47?


duraglock 11-01-2011 11:34 AM

The FAST was tried by guys at the Larry Vickers AK course who where running the PWS and when they switched out to the FAST one guy said he felt like he was cheating do to the reduced recoil and faster followup shots compared to the PWS. Vandal was also running a PWS and has converted over to the FAST.

Caseless 11-04-2011 1:45 PM

Since the FAST doesn't fit the Arsenal SGLs, I am going to order a couple of Saigas so I can use the FAST. Hopefully I don't mess up the muzzle and crown. :D

JUNGALIST 11-11-2011 1:58 AM

I've been using this on my Wasr and it works great.

For the price, it can't be beat! Mike always hooks it up with great mods.

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